the electronic Jadara system Link in Saudi Arabia 2022

yousef12 August 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
the electronic Jadara system Link in Saudi Arabia 2022

The Ministry of Education has officially announced the results and names of candidates for educational jobs 1444 through the electronic Jadara system, after completing the sorting of applications received during the past days, and standing and matching them in accordance with the conditions and controls established by the Ministry to fill more than 11 thousand new jobs for male and female teachers before the start of the year New school year in the coming days.

Teaching job results

During an official statement, the Ministry of Education officially invited all applicants to fill new educational jobs according to the required specializations, to know the names of the initial candidates to fill 11547 educational jobs for the academic year 1444 AH, according to the executive regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, to see the full results and know the names of those accepted through Gateway to the electronic system.

Jadara System Link

In order to obtain the results and names of the candidates for the new educational positions, this is done by logging in through the electronic Jadara system portal via the following link:, then logging in and searching with the national ID number and through the name, or knowing all Names of those accepted and searched.

In the event that your name is among the accepted, you must know when to go for the personal interview in order to fulfill some of the steps and conditions, know the date of receiving the new job, and also know the salary scale for teachers, which includes the salaries that the new recruits will receive, as well as knowing the salaries according to the different educational job grades.

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