Short children’s stories

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Short children’s stories

Short children’s stories

Children’s literature, including children’s short stories, is considered a branch of world literature that reached its height and peak of fame in the nineteenth century.

While some view children’s literature as a literature that seeks to entertain and amuse children – and adults in many cases – others see it as an educational tool and method.

A moral evaluation for children. Children’s literature is considered indebted to the English writer John Newbery, the author of the first book directed to children with the aim of entertaining them and enriching their information, entitled: Pretty Pocket Book, which was published in 1744.

The deceitful farmer

It is said that a deceitful farmer sold the water well on his land to his neighbor for a large sum of money, and when the farmer who bought the well came to use the water in it the next day, the deceitful man said to him: Go from here, man, for I sold you the well, but I did not sell you the water that was there.

In it, the man was astonished by what he heard and went to the judge to complain to the deceptive farmer after many attempts to convince him that the well and the water in it were his right.

The judge heard the story and ordered the deceitful man to attend, then asked him to give the man his well, but he refused, so the judge said to him: Okay.

If the water is yours and the well is your neighbor’s, then go ahead and take your water out of his well. Then, the deceitful man went crazy and knew that deception only harms the one who does it.

Golden hen

It is said that a farmer and his wife had a beautiful, golden chicken on their farm, and this chicken laid a golden egg every day, which they sold and used to meet their needs, until one day this farmer thought of slaughtering the chicken to extract the golden eggs contained in her stomach, which he sold and obtained a lot of money from.

The farmer told his wife what he intended, and she tried to advise him not to do that, but he did not accept. The farmer prepared the knife and cut open the chicken’s belly to get the golden eggs he imagined. He found nothing in it but the entrails. He and his wife sat crying and lamenting their luck. Because of greed, they had lost their golden chicken, which was their source. Their daily livelihood.

The lion is the king of the jungle and the little mouse

It is said that the lion, the king of the forest and its most powerful inhabitant, was asleep one day, when a small mouse living in the same forest began running around him, jumping on him, and making annoying sounds, which disturbed the lion’s sleep and forced him to wake up.

When the lion woke up from his sleep, he was angry, so he put his huge fist on top of the mouse and roared.

He opened his mouth, intending to swallow the little mouse with one mouthful. The mouse then shouted with a voice trembling with fear, hoping that the lion would pardon him. He said: “Forgive me this time, just this time and no more, O King of the Jungle, and I promise not to do this again, and not to forget your kindness to me. Likewise, gentle lion, who knows? Maybe I can return your favor one day.”

The lion laughed at what the mouse said, and asked, laughing: “What favor can a little mouse like you do to a great lion like me? And how can you help me when I am the lion, the king of the jungle, and you are the weak little mouse?” ? The lion decided to release the mouse just because he told him something that made him laugh, so he lifted his fist and let him go about his business.

Days passed after that incident until some hunters wandering in the forest were able to catch the lion and tie him to the trunk of a tree, then they went to get a cart in which to transport the lion to the zoo, and when the hunters were absent searching for the cart, the little mouse passed by chance by the tree to which the lion was tied. With it, he saw that the lion had fallen into an unenviable predicament, so the little mouse bit the ropes that the hunters had used to secure the lion and capture him, until he cut all of those ropes, freeing the lion. Then the mouse went on strutting, saying happily: “Yes, you were right, a mouse can It is small to help a great lion like me.

A person is measured by his actions, not by his size, and each of us has his own shortcomings in this life.”


There were two small, delicate birds who lived in an area of the land of Hijaz that was very hot and had little water. One day, while they were chatting and complaining to each other about the difficult conditions of life, a gentle breeze of wind blew over them, coming from the land of Yemen.

The two birds were happy with this breeze and began to chirp ecstatically in the cool breeze.

When the breeze of the wind saw the two beautiful birds standing on a simple branch of a single tree in the area, she was surprised by their situation and said: “You two beautiful birds, how amazing you are.

How can you, when you are so beautiful and this gentle, agree to live in such a desolate land? If you wish, I will carry you with me and take you to Yemen.

” Where I come from, there is fresh, cold water that tastes better than honey, and the grains taste almost as sweet as sugar. If you take my advice and promise that we will be there in a very short time, what do you say?”

The bird, the smarter of the two, stood up and answered with intelligence and wit: “Oh breath of the wind, you travel every day from place to place, and move from land to land, and that makes you not realize what it means for one of us to have a homeland that he loves, so leave, oh breeze, with thanks, for we will not change lands.”

Even if it were a paradise on earth in our homeland, even if the weather there was harsh and the food there was scarce.”

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