Woman turned away from Disney World over shirt

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ali mohamed28 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Woman turned away from Disney World over shirt

A guest at Walt Disney World claims she pushed the boundaries of the park’s dress code and discovered that a popular TikTok hack for a free shirt may no longer be an option.

Disney World has a dress code for a reason.

When a TikToker claimed she was confronted about her top in Orlando held together with a string, commentators pointed out that it makes sense that certain tops should be discouraged from being worn on rides that can reach speeds of 80 miles per hour. to achieve .

The situation is different from a dress code saga set in 2021, where a Six Flags employee reportedly asked a woman to leave about the length of her shorts.

Nicole DeLosReyes wore the white shirt that Disney employees had a problem with.

TikToker Nicole DeLosReyes says she was told to leave or buy a shirt when she tried to enter the theme park. Source: TikTok/Nicole DeLosReyes

TikTok user Nicole DeLosReyes (@nicole.delosreyes) 21-year-old recorded herself claiming that a Disney employee told her not to enter the park in the outfit she was wearing.

“Guys, it happened, I got a dress code at Disney,” DeLosReyes told the TikTok. “I was told to leave or get a shirt. So now we get a shirt.”

“On entry I was stopped and told they don’t allow a tie in the front,” DeLosReyes explained in a comment.

“I had to either leave and change or buy merchandising.”

Commenters were shocked that DeLosReyes was not offered a free Disney shirt, which has allegedly happened to other people who had dress codes in the park, as documented on TikTok.

“No free shirt???” one person asked.

“Wasn’t a problem,” DeLosReyes replied.

“I think they stopped because so many people [started] wearing inappropriate things to get a free shirt,” one commenter added.

“It became a trend.”

It’s not confirmed on Disney’s website whether park guests can get a free shirt if given a dress code and the dress code itself is a bit vague. If it was a policy, it has not been verified that “so many people” dress inappropriately “to get a free shirt” that Disney had to change how it treats guests with a dress code.

In a follow-up video, DeLosReyes said she wasn’t wearing the shirt on purpose — she just liked it.

“I like this shirt,” she said, holding the top in the video, “but not Disney. I had no problem with it — people have their opinions, people have policies.”

†[Your] top isn’t even that revealing,” one viewer wrote. “They know Ariel wears a shell bra, right?”

“IT’S NOT ABOUT THE TOP THAT’S DENIAL,” said someone else. “It’s about her safety.”

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