Turki Al Sheikh reveals the identity of the 92nd Saudi National Day

yousef13 August 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Turki Al Sheikh reveals the identity of the 92nd Saudi National Day

Turki Al Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority, revealed today the identity of the 92nd National Day, which will coincide with the date of September 23 of each year. Two combined slogans, the first verbal and the other artistic, express in their entirety the ambition that the people of the Kingdom carry, in addition to their unity and affiliation.

Identity of the 92nd Saudi National Day

The verbal part of the identity of the National Day, taken from the phrase “It is our home”, to carry the slogan with its sincere and deep connotations, as well as the ability of the phrase to touch the conscience of the people of the Kingdom, who are accustomed to expressing their love for their homeland as a home, and the word was mentioned in many Poems, which have always been a part of folk poems and songs.

The identity of the National Day slogan came, inspired by the Kingdom’s embrace of all its people, and its constant keenness to harness all its capabilities to protect and serve their interests. It is distinguished by relying on a group of colors whose meanings are closely related to the Kingdom. Among the colors, there was something that expressed security, growth, ambition, loyalty, wisdom and determination.

The identity also did not forget to express the great role played by the National Day, in the process of instilling the civilizational identity of the Kingdom within the souls of generations, in addition to its role in helping the people of the Kingdom to celebrate the projects of the wise vision, as well as upholding the spirit of belonging to a great entity such as the Kingdom, with its determination and passion. , erases the word “impossible” from the dictionary of future generations, and the General Entertainment Authority has advanced to all private and governmental authorities, the need to rely on the approved identity and unify it for the next 92nd National Day, by publishing it through various applications.

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