How do I start a small business?

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How do I start a small business?

The first step in establishing any small project is to choose it carefully by defining a distinctive and unique idea, while trying not to repeat any of the previous ideas in the market, in addition to the idea’s ability to develop and grow, where research is done on the services provided by the project, potential customers, competing companies and the extent of the project. suitability for the labor market.

Develop a project plan

It is necessary to develop a solid plan for the project to be done, and it is not required that it be long, but rather it can be short and on one piece of paper only by doing the following:

Defining goals: ie defining the desired goals and expectations of the project. Scoping: The scope of the project and a simplified description of it.

Defining the task: It includes the package of tasks and activities that the team must perform.

Determining the schedule: that is, determining the time taken to complete the project.

Determining the budget: It contains the project budget based on the project structure and the tasks that it consists of.

Project launch

After choosing the optimal one and writing his work plan, steps will be taken: Obtaining financing that covers the needy to implement the project, and his project.
Choosing a business location, whether it is online or a store.
Choosing a business structure, to know its tax implications, and legal responsibilities. Choosing a business name i.e. a brand, taking into account its suitability for a pie. Legal registration of work with the concerned authorities. Taxes levied on taxes. Obtaining permits to ensure that the project remains legal. Opening an Iranian bank account for financial transactions.

Work to promote the project

The project is strengthened by making a marketing plan to promote the project to potential clients, as the success of any project does not happen overnight, but requires continuous and diligent work to achieve this.

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