Advantages of the Education Account from Alinma Bank

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Advantages of the Education Account from Alinma Bank

The Economy website presents the benefits of an education account from Alinma Bank.

Sensing from Alinma Bank the great role that employees of the education sector play in the renaissance of the country and their great role in graduating future generations, we have designed the “Education Account”, the first of its kind in the Kingdom, which represents a new dimension in the world of banking services to put in your hands a world of comprehensive benefits and services that suit your different lifestyle and banking requirements.

Education account features:

• The offer includes all education employees working in educational institutions and destinations (governmental and private) the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education – schools – universities – institutes – educational bodies – technical education
• Higher account and card rating (minimum Gold Card)
• All account benefits and services are granted to the life partner (husband / wife) * subject to salary transfer
• Priority of service in the branch

Personal finance (shares / cars)
• Real estate financing.
• Education installments without a profit margin for 12 months and without any fees
• Instant discounts when using your Alinma mada card
Competitive prices when using the card outside the Kingdom to withdraw cash from ATMs or pay the value of purchases at point of sale machines.
• Direct registration in self-banking services (Alinma phone, Alinma internet, Alinma mobile, and Alinma application compatible with all smart devices: Apple – Android – Windows Phone – BlackBerry)
• Manual and automatic safe deposit boxes
• Many other advantages.

Easier requirements for better service

• A valid national ID
• Valid residence permit and passport for residents
• Opening an account with the bank
• Salary transfer

instant saving

This service gives you the opportunity to save or donate to a charitable organization with several options, such as deducting a fixed amount, rounding the amount, or a specific percentage of the purchase amount of Alinma mada cards through point-of-sale devices or Internet purchases within the Kingdom, and the deducted amount will be automatically and permanently transferred to your savings account or to The account of the charitable association available within the lists of charities approved by Alinma Bank.

Features that meet your needs:

Motivating our customers to save and plan financially in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.
Providing customers with innovative savings tools that keep pace with their needs and goals.
The possibility of subscribing and canceling the service through electronic channels.
Establishing a daily upper limit for savings amounts and a minimum account balance for this service through Alinma electronic channels.
There is no fee for the service.

Steps to open a savings account:

Go to the Accounts List.
Open an additional account.
Enter the short name for the account.
Choose the purpose of opening the account (saving).
View the terms and conditions and agree.

Steps to create a savings order:

Access the Internet or the Alinma application and choose the accounts icon.
Choose a new instant savings request.
Read the service description, then press start.
Determine the card that will be instant savings on the transactions that are carried out through it.
Choose the type of savings destination (savings account* / charitable account).
Determine the type of savings (rounded amount, fixed amount, or percentage).
Introduce special limits for instant savings.
Confirmation of instant savings order creation.

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