Bitcoin rises and trades the highest $ 43,000

yousef5 February 2024Last Update : 5 months ago
Bitcoin rises and trades the highest $ 43,000

The main virtual currencies rose during Monday’s transactions after the market absorbed to launch the Bitcoin boxes circulating on the stock exchange and aspiring to the next main catalyst.

The largest virtual currency in terms of market value “Bitcoin” increased by 0.55% to 43090.5 dollars, at 02:15 pm Mecca time.

Ethereum rose 1% to $ 2325.05, while the Ripple fell 0.34% at 50.6 cents.

The market continues expectations about the American interest after the Federal Reserve Chairman “Jerome Powell” said that the interest is still expected three times this year.

About the history of Bitcoin:
Bitcoin origin:

2008: Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown person or a group of people, has published a research paper describing a new electronic monetary system called “Bitcoin”.
2009: The first Bitcoin block, known as the “Bloc of Genesis”, was launched.
2010: The first purchase was performed using Bitcoin, as Lazlo bought two pizza for 10,000 bitcoins.
Early growth:

2011: The first Bitcoin Stock Exchange, MT. Gox.
2012: Bitcoin began to attract the attention of the main media.
2013: Bitcoin price increased dramatically, from about $ 13 to $ 266.
Following and growth:

2014: Bitcoin witnessed its first significant decrease, with a decrease in the price of $ 1,242 to $ 314.
2015: Bitcoin began to rise again, and reached $ 500.
2017: Bitcoin witnessed a huge rise, with a price of $ 20,000.
2018: Bitcoin witnessed another decrease, as it decreased to 3,122 USD.
2019: Bitcoin began to rise again, and reached $ 13,868.
2020: Bitcoin witnessed a huge rise, with a price of $ 64,800.
2021: Bitcoin witnessed great fluctuations, as it ranged between $ 30,000 and $ 68,000.
current situation:

2023: Bitcoin is still a very volatile encoded coin, with a price that is constantly changing.
Bitcoin is the most common and used currency.
Bitcoin is used for a variety of purposes, including payments, investment and trade.
Bitcoin’s future:

It is not sure what is the future of bitcoin.
Some experts believe that bitcoin will become a major global currency.
Other experts believe that bitcoin will be replaced by other encrypted currencies.

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