Neighbours’ last episode ever – broadcast dates confirmed

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Neighbours’ last episode ever – broadcast dates confirmed

Neighbors spoilers follow.

Neighbors is on its way to its final destination, with just over two months to go before we say goodbye to the residents of Ramsay Street.

The iconic soap has been part of the TV shows for 37 years, but cast and crew will be filming the final scenes in June following Channel 5’s decision to drop the show.

While NeighborsPassionate fan base is currently enjoying every single episode, anticipation is also building for the nostalgia-filled finale.

In case you’re not a super fan with the date already on your calendar, here’s everything you need to know about when you can expect the latest episode ever.

When will the last episode of Neighbors air in the UK?

matt wilson and takaya honda as aaron brennan and david tanaka in neighbors

Fremantle / Gina MiliciaChannel 5

In June 2021, Neighborscast and crew were informed that Channel 5 had renewed the show on a one-year deal. This was much shorter than Channel 5’s previous multi-year deals in 2007 and 2017.

With some of the cast and crew already getting nervous, their worst fears were confirmed in February 2022 when Channel 5 confirmed it would stop broadcasting the soap after August.

Production company Fremantle hoped to find a new UK broadcasting partner to fund further episodes, but a deal could not be struck and it was announced in March that Neighbors would end after 37 years.

Channel 5 bosses later confirmed that the latest episode of Neighbors would broadcast Monday August 1.

The finale has been announced as an “epic double episode” that will run for an hour.

So far, there’s no official word on whether the final will air in its usual 1:45pm and 6pm time slots, or be promoted to a primetime special.

When will the last episode of Neighbors air in Australia?

levi canning and freya wozniak in neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

Since January 2022, Neighbors episodes have had their world premieres on Channel 5 for British audiences, ending Australia’s decades-long tradition of being the first to see the Ramsay Street action.

This is because Channel 5 has aired five episodes a week throughout the year, while Australia’s 10 Peach is steadily falling behind by showing only four.

The good news for fans in Australia is that there are already plans to catch up to 10 Peach again.

In March, 10 Peach announced it would begin airing double episodes of Neighbors from Monday 13 June.

embargo 23052022 terese willis and estelle petrides at neighbours

FremantleChannel 5

This means Australia has caught up with the UK in time for the final.

The final episode airs on the same day in the UK and Australia. Due to the time difference between the two countries, it looks like Australia will get the episode first, albeit only by a few hours.

A spokesperson for 10 Peach recently said: TV tonight: “Starting Monday, June 13, friends of Ramsay Street can tune in for double fun, double action with double episodes to watch the final season of Neighbors

“The ultimate series finale will air on Monday, August 1.”

When will the last episode of Neighbors air in Ireland?

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy and Sadie Rodwell at the neighbors

FremantleChannel 5

RTÉ One has also announced its own plans to host the final of Neighbors in Ireland.

The Irish broadcaster traditionally broadcasts episodes a day behind Channel 5 in a 2pm time slot.

In a recent post on its website, RTÉ confirmed that it will host the hour-long finale of Neighbors in two parts.

This means the penultimate episode will air on RTÉ One on Tuesday, August 2, with the final visit to Ramsay Street on Wednesday 3 August

Neighbors airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 and streams on My5. In Australia, the show airs Monday through Thursday at 6:30 pm on 10 Peach and is streamed on 10 Play.

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