Now the official thanwya result 2022 link, inquire now about the result

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Now the official thanwya result 2022 link, inquire now about the result

Today, the search for a link to thanwya result 2022 has increased after the approval of His Excellency the Minister of Education and Technical Education, the final result of the general secondary certificate, which showed high success rates in the scientific section of mathematics, while the success rate in the literary section decreased for this year, so it begins today, Saturday, the sixth of the month August 2022, the results of the high school diploma appear through several methods, which we reveal to you on your website, Egyptian Stars.

thanwya result 2022 link

Amidst great anticipation from most Egyptian homes for the results of thanwya, many websites announce that they have obtained the right to publish thanwya results, starting from the website of the Ministry of Education, passing through the following:

Link to the result of thanwya, the seventh day.
National thanwya Result 2022.
Link to thanwya result of Sada El-Balad 2022.

It is scheduled to activate the final results of thanwya students at midday, Saturday 2022, according to several reports, especially after the Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced, a few moments ago, the success rates of the scientific and literary departments, which came as follows:

The success rate in the literary section is 68.38%.
Scientific people science success rates of 78.32%.
The success rate in the Scientific Division of Riyadh is 81.10%.

How to inquire about the results of the third secondary year of the year 2022

Today, male and female students in various Egyptian governorates can inquire about the results of the most important stage in the life of every student in Egypt, the high school stage, by following the following steps:

Go to the Ministry of Education and Technical Education website.
Record the seat number.
Click on the search icon.
After following these steps, the grades of the subjects attended by the male and female students appear, which in total equals 410 points.

The date of the announcement of the results of the secondary school 2022

Many of the official websites that have obtained the rights to publish the results of high school for this year are starting to prepare to raise the final result for this year, which is scheduled for today, Saturday, August 6, 2022. The male or female student studies in it (scientific sports, scientific sciences, literature), with the selection of the academic year 2022, then displaying the result.

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