Ways to increase intelligence and memorize

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Ways to increase intelligence and memorize

The Economy website lists ways to increase intelligence and memorization that help students study.

Eat healthy foods

Evidence and research confirm that people who follow a healthy diet and engage in vigorous exercise regularly have better intelligence and better ability to remember, and researchers at Boston University School of Medicine recently published that physical activity effectively maintains brain health, and that Among the foods that must be eaten in the diet are: vegetables, the most important of which are broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and some types of berries,

Omega-3 oils, which are available in fatty fish and green tea, improve the function and work of the brain in general, as they contain proteins, and a high percentage of amino acids such as: tyrosine, which in turn stimulates neurons to produce the necessary transmitters to increase the attention and alertness of the mind, and one of the most important These transporters are: norepinephrine and dopamine

Learn new things

Research shows that brain function can be enhanced by stimulating and encouraging learning new things beyond our current skills, for example, it is possible to learn to play, dance, or learn a new language, as the brain performs its work in a new way, thus expanding the neural networks in the brain, and is considered maintaining Brain fitness and activity is essential, especially in adulthood.

Social Media

Social communication and getting to know new environments and people helps increase cognitive growth, by thinking in new ways and seeing problems from a different perspective, and thus enhances social intelligence and emotional well-being, whether it is through direct communication or communication through social networks.

Recording saved information

It is recommended to record the information received on a tape, and then listen to it again, as this helps to learn faster, and the reading that the person makes by himself can be recorded aloud, and then listened to by him.

drink green tea

There are many practical studies that confirm the effectiveness of green tea in improving memory, especially in the elderly, as the person ages, the toxic chemicals will lead to damage to neurons and synapses, and consequently to memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and since tea Green contains compounds that prevent toxicity from chemicals, it keeps the brain functioning and functioning properly and for a longer period.


Self-recitation can be defined as an attempt to retrieve what has been memorized, meaning that a person reads the topic once or twice, and then tries to repeat to himself what he had read using the original text whenever he forgets a word or idea, then goes back to studying again and then an attempt to recite, and is considered Self-recitation is one of the important things in the process of memorizing and retaining information, because the learner remains more active and trained. Studies have shown that the information that is memorized will remain in the memory for a short period, and therefore self-recitation is considered as a person’s test for himself, but in the case of repeated study without being tested And hear it, the learner will lose all that information.

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