Vivo Egypt targets 60% growth in sales this year

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Vivo Egypt targets 60% growth in sales this year

Vivo Egypt is preparing to expand in the local market through several axes, including the establishment of new after-sales service centers, which Alex Jean, CEO of vivo Egypt, reviewed the company’s plan during the coming period in a dialogue with “Economy” .. and the text of the dialogue.

How do you see vivo hardware market in Egypt during the new year?
Jan: vivo believes in the importance of the Egyptian market and sees it as a promising market full of opportunities. Since the beginning of its presence in the local market in 2019, the company has been keen to implement its global strategy with the aim of transferring international expertise and technologies that it possesses around the world, and vivo Egypt has also placed on top of its priorities the importance of providing Innovative products for the Egyptian user, as vivo is developing the latest technologies to serve consumers, including 5G services, artificial intelligence, industrial design, photography and other modern technologies.

What solutions does the company see to lead the consumer devices market in Egypt?
Jan: To begin with, vivo is a world-leading technology company that works on offering products that focus heavily on innovative designs. In addition, research and development comes at the top of vivo’s priorities, with the aim of providing the highest quality of its smart phones that exist globally and locally, especially as it has a large user base, numbering 400 million users in more than 60 different countries around the world. It has also built seven global smart manufacturing centers, with a production capacity of nearly 200 million units annually.

He said: From here, the company’s outstanding performance made it occupy the fourth place globally in the third quarter of 2021 and the first place in China. As for vivo Egypt, it was able to achieve many successes in the local market during 2021, as it launched a group of smartphones from the series The V and Y which included V21, V21e, Y53s, Y33s, Y21. With the beginning of 2022, vivo Egypt launched its latest phones, the V23 5G and the V23e, to announce the first smartphone for vivo in Egypt with the fifth generation technology.

He added: The company has also succeeded in increasing its sales by up to 300%, in addition to expanding its network of distributors, whose number has reached 6000 distributors in different governorates, which we have planned for the beginning of 2021. Believing in the importance of providing the most efficient services to all its users vivo Egypt has succeeded in bringing the number of after-sales service centers to 10, and we look forward to building 7 new centers in 2022.

He added that vivo Egypt is working according to a specific strategy and plans aimed at increasing the market share in the local market.

What is the current share of vivo Egypt in the smart phone market? The target in 2022?
Jan: We are working to gain the trust of many users in Egypt, which in turn contributed to achieving customer satisfaction. Perhaps the most prominent evidence of this is the increase in sales by up to 300%, which represents nearly 600,000 users located in more than 10 governorates across the Republic, including Cairo, Giza, Gharbia, Beheira, Sharqia, Assiut and others. In 2022, we look forward to increasing sales by 60%.

What are the challenges expected to be faced during the new year?
Jan: In fact, we at vivo are always keen to do our best to provide the best products in order to provide a smooth experience for all consumers, and let me not say challenges, but I say goals, we aim greatly to expand in the local market, increasing brand awareness is one of the company’s most important goals, especially The Egyptian market is the most important target market for us.

He said: Perhaps what we are targeting stems from our global strategy, which places achieving sustainability and contributing to the development of the smart phone industry at the forefront of its priorities, and this is achieved through the provision of innovative and advanced technology.
The company also seeks to provide a variety of products that satisfy all customer needs and thus provide a better customer experience. The company’s core values ​​include innovation, focus on meeting consumers’ needs, and “benfen”, as vivo strives to keep pace with the latest international standards in all of its business.

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