Valve’s latest Steam Deck update promises less fan noise | Engadget

ali mohamed
ali mohamed28 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Valve’s latest Steam Deck update promises less fan noise | Engadget

On Thursday, Valve for Steam Deck will address one of the more prominent issues people have had with the handheld since its release. According to the company, the update introduces an “all new OS-driven fan curve”. Valve claims that Steam Deck’s internal fan can respond to heat quickly and intelligently. For its part, the company says the part can do its job more quietly, especially “in low-use situations.”

“This has been extensively tested and we continue to work on improvements – so please let us know what you think,” said Valve. Excessive fan noise is something that many reviewers, including Engadget’s Jessica Conditt, mentioned in their . In fact, when iFixit came out for the handheld early last week, it quickly gained Huaying fans. Valve bought fans for Steam Deck from two companies, with Huaying’s producing less noise.

SteamOS 3.2 also introduces an option to adjust the refresh rate of the handheld’s display during gameplay. Valve recommends Steam Deck owners set their device to 40 Hz for the sweet spot between responsiveness and battery life. It is now also possible to turn up the volume of the Steam Deck speakers even higher, and the company has made formatting microSD cards faster. View the full changelog for SteamOS 3.2 at .

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