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ali mohamed28 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Oura Ring Gucci Edition: Insane Fitness Tracking 18K Gold Ring | NextPit

Oura’s smart ring fitness tracker gets a luxurious fashion treatment from Gucci. Named specifically Gucci x Oura Ring, it features health monitoring features similar to the standard 3rd generation Oura smart ring – but adorned with 18K gold and some serious bling-bling.


  • Oura 3rd Generation Ring Gets a Crazy Gucci Treatment
  • The Gucci x Oura Ring comes with 18K gold accents
  • Oura Gucci ring costs $950 (regular model: $299)

The Gucci x Oura ring is still largely made of titanium material with a water resistance of 100 meters – the same as last year’s Oura ring. However, Gucci has decorated the ring with a braided rim and Gucci logos with 18K yellow gold. That luxurious treatment extends to the charging station with embossed logos from the brand.

A key benefit of the Gucci x Oura Ring is that you don’t need to subscribe to monthly plans to access the in-depth assessments of your health data. The subscription costs $6 per month for Oura’s standard non-Gucci rings. So after just over nine years, the Gucci ring is actually cheaper than Oura’s standard version.

Oura Ring 3 Generation Smart Fitness Tracker

Oura Ring generation 3 smart fitness tracker / © Oura

A smart ring that tracks and monitors your health

In terms of features, the smart ring monitors heart rate, SpO2 or bloody oxygen saturation and sleep quality in addition to the usual fitness activities. Oura says using fingers to measure heart rate is more accurate compared to wrist-mounted smartwatches.

The Oura ring comes with seven temperature sensors that are used to detect the body temperature and menstruation of women. The company claims it can detect pregnancies much sooner than a test kit could. In addition, it can also identify signs of COVID-19 before symptoms.

All this important health and fitness data is visible through the smartphone app. Alternatively, users can sync their workouts through Google Fit and Apple Health apps.

Gucci x Oura Ring fitness smart tracker

Gucci x Oura Ring Charging Station / © Gucci x Oura

The ring uses energy-efficient Bluetooth connectivity. This in turn provides a battery life of four to seven days on a single charge, depending on usage. Fully charging the ring takes up to 80 minutes.

Gucci exclusively sells the Gucci x Oura Ring for $950 / €950, while the Oura Ring gen. 3 sells for $299 with 6 months of free membership.

Do you think a smart ring is necessary as a smart watch? Hit us up in the comment section.


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