Using the mobile while charging 2022

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Using the mobile while charging 2022

The mobile phone can be used normally while placing it on the charger, as this does not involve any kind of danger, but working on the device while it is charging reduces the charging rate and slows it down more than usual, and this refutes all allegations and rumors that the phone It may explode if used while charging, but the safe use of the phone while it is charging depends on the person using the original phone charger or any other high quality charger or cable from a reputable manufacturer, and the process of safe use of the device while charging requires the presence of the original battery in the phone or the presence of Any other batteries considered acceptable and recommended for use by the phone manufacturer.

The correct way to charge the mobile

There are many things that the user must follow while charging a phone, including the following:
Avoid charging the phone to 100%, especially after the battery charge is very low.

Charging the device before the charging rate reaches low levels, as charging the phone when it contains a small percentage of charge consumes the battery life.

Try to keep the device charge between 65% and 75%, and if this is not possible, it is recommended to keep the phone’s charge rate between 45% and 75%.

Disconnect the phone from the charger after charging it sufficiently.

Avoid charging the phone in high temperatures, and not covering it during charging, as this contributes to a negative impact on the battery.

Mobile charging speed up

There are many procedures that can be followed to speed up the charging process of the phone while it is connected to its charger, including the following: To turn off many services that drain the device’s charge such as network services, Bluetooth and other services.

Turn off the device: The charging process of the phone can be accelerated by turning off the device completely, as this will stop all applications and programs running in the background of the phone.

Connecting the charger to a suitable electrical source: It is recommended to connect the charger to an appropriate source of power such as the electrical socket in the house instead of connecting it to a car charger or charging it by connecting it to a computer through a cable.

Using high-quality cables: The charging speed of the phone increases as the quality of the charging cable and its ability to transmit current increases, so it is recommended to use high-quality cables with a capacity of at least 2 amps.

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