How to book tickets for mass transit via the Internet 2023

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How to book tickets for mass transit via the Internet 2023

The company provides many features and services at reasonable prices for the Saudi citizen. The company also works to provide all the needs of the traveler internally and externally. And this happens through a modern transport fleet that provides all aspects of assistance to the citizen.

SAPTCO Saudi Transport Company

It is one of the best companies located in Saudi Arabia. It specializes in providing a variety of services, including public transportation (transportation) between cities and some of them.

The company also provides public transportation services to residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the best modern ways. One of the main reasons for contracting with the company is the interest in the public street in Saudi Arabia.

The contract period with the company is 15 years. The date of the contract began in the year 1399 AH. Where the company held many parties, which numbered about 4,500 buses equipped at the highest level.

With the aim of spreading widely in all parts and cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is working on setting up the largest number of concert tickets inside and outside the city, and providing it with modern services sponsored by the company.

SAPTCO’s contract was recently extended with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Transport. Below we will provide you with some of the services provided by the company to citizens and residents:

Providing public transportation between all parts of the cities.
International transportation service.
It also offers a staff transfer service.
The company is very interested in educational transportation services.

Online booking of public transport tickets

Any person residing within Saudi territory can book a ticket online for transportation from one city to another by following the following electronic steps:

First, go to SAPTCO’s official website.
After that, you must log in to the site with your email and password.
If you enter the site for the first time, you must create a new user account through the company’s site.
Then you have to choose the service you want to use whether it is transportation from one city to another, or traveling by bus and metro.
Then select the bus service to book tickets.
Read the controls and instructions through the Mass Transportation Ticket Reservation Policy.

Then you see the schedule of flights available to the company.
You can schedule the flight through the website and activate the option to view VIP Express flights.
You can also select the type of ticket, whether it is a return flight, a return flight only, or one way only. In addition to specifying the date of the trip, and specifying the number of passengers.
Then you enter your code and do the search.
You can select the appropriate flight price for you, and press the Confirm Booking button.

Schedules of mass transit trips via SAPTCO VIP

After we have provided you with everything related to the method of booking mass transportation tickets through the Internet, now we will move on to explaining the dates of mass transportation trips.

The company provides the best services and features to citizens at reasonable prices for all groups throughout the week. Where you can book mass transit tickets through the Internet at any time you need.

The company has been keen to provide a service through which you can find out the times of daily flights. This can be done through some simple online steps:

The first thing you have to do is go to the official website page for flights.
After that you have to select the type of flight you want, whether it is basic or VIP.
Then write where you want to exit and where you want to get to.
Click on the word View.
Finally, you will see all available appointments immediately.

Advantages of group transportation from SAPTCO VIP

After we learned how to book mass transit tickets through the Internet, we will move through the following lines to an important part, which is the advantages of mass transportation.

The VIP service is one of the best trips that SAPTCO provides to citizens. Where the citizen enjoys many of the services and advantages offered by the company during the trip.

It is a short distance trip that does not waste much time on the way. It is also a direct non-stop flight on the way.

SAPTCO offers some services during the road so that the traveler gets complete comfort while traveling, including:

The company will provide you with several meals for the duration of the flight.
It also works to serve you the best drinks for the duration of your travels.
You can also open the Internet on your phone via the Wi-Fi available through SAPTCO.
It is advisable to take a Quran with you so that you can read as much as you can from the Noble Qur’an during the trip.
The company also offers you several electrical outlets during the trip to charge your mobile phone or laptop if you need it.
SAPTCO provides you with in-flight displays in both Arabic and English so that you can see anything you want.

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