Unique advantages of the iPhone 14 series and expected prices

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Unique advantages of the iPhone 14 series and expected prices

A few days, “Apple” will hold its annual conference to unveil a series of 14 phones in various versions, which will include: “iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, i Phone 14 Pro and i Phone 14 Pro Max”, on the seventh of this month, and this series will include unique and unparalleled features. Preceded, it will make it to the list of bestsellers.

Unique features in iPhone 14

The i Phone 14 series is characterized by a number of unprecedented advantages that we have not heard about in any other phone, and those advantages are:

Satellite call feature: But this feature will not work in all countries unless approved by the government, which means that even if there is no coverage, the phone can connect to the Internet.
High-resolution camera: The iPhone camera is known to be of low resolution, but in this version the camera will be 48 mega-pixels instead of 12 mega-pixels.
The design won’t see much change, but it will have fewer bezels with enhanced Face ID technology.
Fast Charging: Apple’s A16 Bionic chipset is expected to come with improved performance, and there are reports claiming that this chip will support 20W fast charging.

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i Phone 14 phone prices

Leaks indicated that the prices of the i Phone 14 phones will witness an increase of $ 100, so that the expected prices for this series will be:

i Phone 14 899 dollars.
i Phone 14 Max $999, this would be a replacement for the iPhone 13 mini.
i Phone 14 Pro $1,099.
i Phone 14 Pro Max $1,199.

i Phone 14 features

Resistant to water and dust.
Supports 5G networks.
It has a hexa core processor.
6.7 inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate.
In-screen fingerprint.

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