Router malfunctions and how to fix them

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Router malfunctions and how to fix them

Internet users can be exposed through the router to many problems that lead to the interruption of the Internet, but of course every problem has a solution, and the following is an explanation of the most prominent of these problems and their solutions:

Router malfunctions and how to fix them

Difficulty connecting to wifi

An Ethernet cable can be placed in the router when it is difficult to connect remotely via Wi-Fi, so that the connection is direct without any obstacles, or physical barriers between the Internet, a telephone device, or a computer.

No internet connection

Solving this problem requires restarting the router, waiting for a few minutes to see if it succeeded and the Internet connection returned as it was or not, or connecting to another router, to see if the fault is from the device itself or not, and you can also communicate with service providers, and make sure that there is no any problems they have.

Slow WiFi connection

It can be solved by identifying all the parties connected to the same network, because one of them may cause bandwidth consumption, or it may cause other connection problems.

Wifi disappearing

This problem can be solved by paying attention to the lights on the router, comparing them with those on the instruction book that came with the device, or changing the router settings, and this requires knowing the IP address of the device.

The router stopped working suddenly

This problem can be resolved by resetting the router so that it returns to its default settings, and in the event that it does not work to purchase a modern router that matches the latest wireless standards, engineers have developed a series of standards that allow the Wi-Fi device to connect electronic devices to the Internet, and the latest of these standards is 802.11 ax / wifi 6.

Internet connection problem solutions

The router or router is defined as the device that connects two networks and more, to distribute Internet packets to more than one place, and it has two basic functions, which are to manage the traffic between the networks, and to allow more than one device to connect to the same Internet, but it may be linked to a weak Internet, and in this case it must Act as follows:

Reboot the device, so that the network can identify it, and thus reconnect it with the Internet. Search on a platform that works If someone else is complaining about an internet outage, the outage could be global, collective.

Attempting to access more than one website; To find out if the internet is really down, or if this site is just down or not working.

Access to any public network, if the user is in an airport, hotel, cafe, etc.

Make sure to pay the previous internet bill, because not paying bills will, of course, lead to internet interruption.

Subscribing to the Viber Internet, which works on the principle of optical fibers, which saves the user the trouble of interruption and slow Internet, as the Viber Internet provides very high speeds, up to a thousand megabytes per second.

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