thanwya Result 2022 First Round Website of the Ministry of Education

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thanwya Result 2022 First Round Website of the Ministry of Education

There is a lot of news about the result of the general secondary certificate 2022 these days, and many websites claim that they have thanwya Result certificate at the present time, but until the present moment the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, led by Dr. Tariq Shawky, has not announced any official news regarding the emergence of The result of high school after, as recent statements by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education indicated, that the result appears in the late first week of the current month of August 2022, and that there is no need to get carried away by the various rumors that are constantly circulating, and that would raise anxiety in the hearts of students without Please, today we will put in your hands the steps for obtaining the result of high school 2022, the first round, with the name and seat number through the website of the Ministry of Education as soon as it appears.

thanwya Result 2022 first round with name and seat number

thanwya Result diploma 2022 can be obtained by name and seat number by following the steps to inquire about the results of high school 2022 as follows:

Go to the official website of the Ministry of Education for the results of high school
Choose the results of the third year of secondary school for the current school year 2021-2022
The screen for entering the student’s name and his full seat number appears
Enter the full name of the student and the required data with complete accuracy
After that, click on the Inquire Now box
You will see the result immediately as it appears in detail

Education declares thanwya

The Ministry of Education has not officially announced so far the general rate of success in secondary school for this year, but the Minister of Education had said in a previous statement that the success rate in general is close to its counterpart last year, as the success rate increases this year not far away. Regarding the success rate of last year, which reached 74%, as for the success rates in each subject, they are promising and satisfactory for everyone who has made an effort, according to Tariq Shawky’s statements.

Also, the results of the general secondary school 2022 did not witness any students obtaining an exaggerated total, such as 100% or more, according to the statements of the Minister of Education, as the average total will be at the same level as last year’s totals due to the application of the new questioning and assessment system since last year.

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