Tips for choosing interior decoration for small homes

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Tips for choosing interior decoration for small homes

Do not let the space of your small house affect the elegance of your home, we will help you choose some decorations; To add a beautiful touch to the house, here are some tips:

Choosing reflective walls

Paint the house white, or choose polished tiles, shiny materials reflect light, create the same effect as a mirror, and give a large area effect.

Focus on lighting

A small house often lacks natural lighting due to the small size of the windows, so focus on providing a lot of light throughout the house, to give a comfortable atmosphere, and also try to install lights on the walls, and upwards, instead of using floor lamps, in order to save space on the floor.

Choosing foldable pieces

Try to buy foldable desks and dining tables, so that they save space when not in use, and also choose folding doors, to hide clutter in the house.

sitting room

To get the most out of it, get a two-seater sofa, and two sofas, such as a wooden chair or rocking chair, to accommodate a group of people without crowding, as well as a simple rug for a neat and neatly coordinated room.

smart furniture

To save space and reduce clutter, choose furniture that has storage built in. For example, a storage bed can be used to store shoes and clothes.

day bed

If you don’t have a living room, or your bedroom is small, choose a convertible bed to sofa to make the space bigger during the day.

Fix the TV on the wall

Install the TV on the wall, or over the fireplace, to provide the necessary floor space.

use mirrors

Put large mirrors on the wall, because mirrors reflect around the room, giving the illusion that the space appears larger.

wall shelves

Put your books and belongings on shelves mounted to the wall to save some space.


Hang the blinds as high as possible to make the ceiling appear higher, and extend the sides of the blinds a little more than the sides of the window to make the window appear larger.

laying a long rug

Use a long rug at the entrance to the house, to make the house appear larger, and use small rugs elsewhere in the house to make the house feel more comfortable.

use angles

Use the corners by placing unique pieces such as a hammock hanging from the ceiling, or an armchair, and placing pictures of the beach or palms next to them; To make the house look cute and special.

Electrical appliances

Choose refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and other appliances with the fewest square feet, as well as choose built-in washers and dryers to save space and money.

the toilet

Install floating shelves on the walls to store toiletries, to save floor space, and decorate the bathroom with flowers and scented candles, to liven up and elevate the bathroom style.

the plants

The use of artificial plants is an essential component of the décor of small homes. Potted plants can be used throughout the house, and plants can be placed on the wall to give a lively touch in the home.

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