Primary and kindergarten morning school hours officially

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Primary and kindergarten morning school hours officially

The Ministry of Education has announced the details of the study for the new year 1444, and it has adopted a study calendar with all the dates, and there is also a complete vacation schedule, and all the things that students need about studying. The calendar is not missing anything, so through this article we will answer when it begins Study for primary and kindergarten as specified by the Ministry of Education.

Morning school time

The study begins for kindergarten, primary and all stages on August 28, and there are only a few hours left for them to return, and this date in Hijri coincides with the beginning of the month of Safar, according to the announcement by the Ministry of Education, and the return will be my presence for all stages this year.

The number of classes for primary school

The number of classes for the primary stage, according to the specific plan of the Ministry of Education, that it will be 198, and the modern system is applied to them, and the year is divided into three terms, and some materials are added to the educational program and classes are distributed over the week in a proportional manner, which corrects the shortage that occurs with the addition of new materials and they are deleted The other is in line with the ministry’s vision.

The Ministry of Education revealed the allocation of 16 lessons for distance education and 15 for school activity. It also revealed the primary school subjects from the skills material added for the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, which are two lessons per week, and life skills a weekly quota for all primary grades. The English language from the beginning of the first grade is two lessons per week.

Elementary classes in Quran memorization schools

The amount of classes for the primary stage in Quran memorization schools is 220 classes, divided into three terms, including classes for the weekly activity 18 classes spent by students in distance education, in all Quran memorization schools that are spread and famous throughout the Kingdom, as the announcement issued by the Ministry includes all the amendments that helped Changing the form of education in all schools and stages.

The Ministry of Education is working with all its efforts to develop a plan for the development of education in the Kingdom, based on the experiences of developed countries in education, and all drafts have been studied before these educational plans are finally announced for all schools and educational levels in Saudi Arabia. Visitors from teachers or Students and parents or even those working in the education sectors are required to know all the details of the new study plan, and this is through the official link provided by the Ministry.

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