The date of the National Day holiday in Saudi Arabia is 1444

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The date of the National Day holiday in Saudi Arabia is 1444

The Saudi National Day marks the anniversary of the unification of the country with the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the capital, Riyadh. It was approved by King Abdulaziz Al Saud in 1932 AD to be a national national day on which leave is granted to all workers in Saudi Arabia, and national national celebrations are held at that time, and in proportion to the importance of this day when In this article, we will learn about the date of the National Day 1444 holiday.

The date of the National Hijri day

The National Day in the Kingdom this year comes on Friday 27 Safar 1444 AH on September 23, 2022 AD, and it is agreed that the National Day holiday will start on Wednesday 25 Safar, and until Sunday 29 Safar of the year 1444 AH.

How much time is left for the National Day holiday 1444

The Saudi National Day falls on Friday, September 23, 2022 AD, when all workers are given leave to celebrate and practice national activities and events that emphasize the unity of the land and people of Saudi Arabia, and the countdown begins with the days, hours and minutes that separate us from the National Day holiday 1444 AH in the Kingdom

The most prominent activities of the National Day 1444

The events and activities vary, and there are many national festivals that talk about the occasion of this distinguished national day for all citizens in the Kingdom, which shows the joy and happiness in the hearts of the Saudis in rejoicing in the memory of the unity of the Kingdom.

Raising the Saudi flags and spreading them throughout the Kingdom.
All government institutions buildings and tall towers are adorned with Saudi flags.
National performances and events are organized in institutions under the supervision of the General Entertainment Authority.
Organizing cultural seminars, scientific workshops and meetings through the media.
The use of luminous games to illuminate the sky of the Kingdom, and the establishment of special military and air shows.
Providing many offers, discounts and campaigns by companies, stores and shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi National Day Anthem 1444

Each national religious occasion has its own anthems, and for the Saudi National Day, the anthem was officially adopted in 1984 AD, and it was written by the great Saudi poet Ibrahim Khafaji. Here is the text of the Saudi national anthem:

Observe the glory and the sublime. Glory be to the Creator of the heavens…… and raise the beater, green, carrying the guiding light.

Repeat God is the greatest, my homeland……… my homeland. Long live the pride of Muslims. Long live the king: for knowledge and for the homeland.

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