Steps to issue an instant building permit electronically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Steps to issue an instant building permit electronically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

After the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, three years ago, most countries tended to make most services electronically, as citizens need to issue some of their services quickly and urgently, and many of them want to request these services electronically in order to facilitate them and save time and effort. and get their transactions done faster and easier. The steps for issuing a new building permit electronically via electronic platforms is what we will talk about and explain its steps in this article.

The new building permit system in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in the Kingdom supervises the new building permit system, which is a new system aimed at facilitating the ownership of a new home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by creating immediate building permits, and through this system people can obtain a new building permit without referring to a company Electricity and permission from it, as this system is considered a partnership between the citizen wishing to build and the office of municipal and rural affairs in the Kingdom, without the presence of a third party, and without the need to deal with the electricity company.

Conditions for obtaining a new building permit

There are some conditions and requirements that must be met to obtain a new building permit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the following:

A certificate stating that the site is suitable for construction.
A copy of the owner’s marital status card.
Documents proving ownership.
A statement from the engineering office examining the architectural, construction, electrical and mechanical considerations based on the agreement between the building owner and the office owner.
Building requirements audit form for residential units that must be checked by the engineering office.
Attach all building plans in PDF format approved by the engineering office.

Steps to issue a new building permit 1444

After the previous conditions are met, dear follower, here are the steps for obtaining a new building permit 1444, which are as follows:

Log in Sakani Program of the Ministry of Housing in Saudi Arabia from here.
Determining construction licensing services.
Determine the building permit issuance service.
Choose the required secretariat and municipality.
Determine the engineering office.
Write the number and year of issuing the survey decision.
Attach a picture of the instrument.
Send the request to the engineering office that has been specified.
Complete the data.
The application data and its attachments will be checked.
The application will be approved by the municipality.
An invoice for payment of the order will be issued.
Building permit printing.

Fees for issuing a new building permit

Like any government service, there are fees charged for the service of issuing a new building permit. The fees for issuing a new building permit are about 150 Saudi riyals, to be paid electronically or at the municipality office when submitting the documents for the transaction.

Duration for obtaining a building permit

After submitting a request for issuance
Building permit and submitting the required papers The issuance of the permit takes about 15 days until all papers are checked and reviewed. During this period, all papers submitted by all parties are reviewed, as well as a field audit of the site intended to be built on. We have come together, dear visitor, to the end of our article in which we discussed steps Issuance of a new building permit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the conditions, the most important papers required and the time period required to issue this document.

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