Steps to add newborns to the ration card in Egypt 2022

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Steps to add newborns to the ration card in Egypt 2022

Below we list the detailed steps for adding newborns to the ration card in Egypt:

Steps to add newborns to the ration card in Egypt

Entering the Egypt Digital Portal website by (clicking here), or through the Egypt Support website by (clicking here).

Log in to the account by entering the user’s phone number, and the password within the user’s website.

Click on the icon to include my family. Choose an order to start the service, and as soon as the application page appears, you must enter the governorate, and the ration card number.

You must click on the approval command when the page of the applicant’s data appears, which includes the name, number of individuals, governorate, directorate, and others.

Choose the persons to be added to the card, provided that they are first-degree relatives.

Follow up on the submitted application, by clicking on the order to know the result of the application.

Steps for issuing new ration cards

We list below the steps for obtaining a new ration card in the State of Egypt:

Log in to the website of the Egypt Support website.

Click on the main menu icon.

Choosing an order for catering services to citizens. Clicking the New Issue Card command.

Clicking on the OK command after the warning message appears that the ration card will be canceled in case of forgery or entering any wrong data.

Enter the national number, the phone number approved and used by the applicant.

Choose a county or county location. Complete entering the rest of the required data.

Services provided by Egypt Support

The Egypt Support website, which is affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Supply, offers a large number of electronic services to citizens, which are as follows:

Obtaining independent ration cards for each Egyptian citizen who meets the conditions and criteria for the card.

Provide the opportunity for each married individual to separate himself from his family’s ration card, and create a new ration card of his own.

Providing services for obtaining new, replacement, or damaged ration cards.

Providing the service of transferring the ration card of citizens from one governorate to another in smooth and quick steps.

Providing a service that enables the beneficiary to remove some family members from the ration card in the event of his travel abroad or death.

The Digital Egypt website also offers other services related to the ration card, including: activating the ration card. Inquiry about the exchange adding the wife who is not restricted in terms of ration.

Adding a supply of bread to those who deserve bread only.

Addition of children who are not restricted to catering. Social separation service.

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