Link to inquire about thanwya result 2022 with name and seat number via the Ministry of Education website

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Link to inquire about thanwya result 2022 with name and seat number via the Ministry of Education website

thanwya result 2022 is one of the most important and most awaited results at the present time, as there is a state of anticipation and waiting in a very large way among all students and their parents for the results to appear, which are expected to be announced within the next few hours, as Dr. Tariq Shawqi was Minister of Education And education has confirmed that the results of the general secondary school 2022 will be available to all male and female students at the end of the first week of July 2022, with a maximum of August 7, 2022. Therefore, it is expected that it will be announced in the coming hours, “tomorrow Saturday or the day after tomorrow, Sunday,” and here are our dear followers. In the following lines of this article on the Egyptian Stars website, all the details of inquiring about the result electronically.

The date of the announcement of thanwya result 2022

Several confirmed sources from within the Egyptian Ministry of Education and Technical Education indicated that the names of the first high school students 2022 will be announced for all people (literary, scientific, scientific and sports) tomorrow, Saturday, August 6, 2022, after the adoption of the result of high school 2022, as well as the success rates of students will be announced. In high school, the success rates will be announced in the schools of the gifted, the blind, and integration students, and then the results of all students will be announced on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at the latest. There were some sources indicating that the success rate for students exceeded 78.4%, but the Minister of Education Education Dr. Tariq Shawky has denied all this news and confirmed that the percentage will be announced after the result is officially approved.

Steps to obtain a high school result 2022

All male and female students and parents will be able to inquire about the results of the general secondary school 2022 first round through a simple number of steps set by the Ministry of Education, as follows:-

First: Go directly to the Ministry of Education website.
Second: The student’s seat number is registered correctly.
Third: Click on search or view the result.
Fourth: Wait a few moments for the student’s result to appear in front of you on the screen and his success rate.

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