Starting a small home business

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Starting a small home business

There are many women who are not able to work outside the home, depending on several reasons that may be related to family circumstances or customs and traditions prevailing in society, but this does not mean that the woman does not do any work at all, as there are many home projects that may bring great profits to their owners. Without the need to leave the house, and in this article we will learn about one of these home projects, and how to implement it.

Fabric basket making project

This project can be a successful home project if implemented well, as the idea of ​​the project is to make a basket of cloth, to be used in several ways, such as: collecting laundry in it, and it can be used as a bread basket for example, and it can also be useful for collecting scattered children’s toys Everywhere, and to carry out this project there are a set of things that must be taken into account; Such as:

place preparation

A room must be prepared for work, so that children are not allowed to enter it, and at the same time it ensures privacy and the ability to accomplish, and the room must contain the tools used for the project, such as: sewing machine, cloth, and straw baskets, in addition to a comfortable table and chair for work, It is also preferable to have a small box for sewing kit.

Work in the basket industry

This is because the woman has the ability and talent to sew, so she starts working immediately, but if she needs help, she can learn the principles of sewing easily by joining a training course, or taking advantage of the courses on the Internet. Some modifications to it.


The basket making project is considered one of the small projects that does not need a lot of manpower, but it is possible, if the project succeeds, to be expanded, and the help of other people to fulfill the orders.


The product can be marketed through several means, where it is possible to start marketing the product to the acquaintances and friends surrounding the woman, and she can also present the product to the neighbors in the building and the neighborhood, in addition to the possibility of benefiting from the Internet and social networking sites in the presentation and marketing of the product, and the delivery of orders for a certain amount After a while, it is also possible to display the product to home appliances stores, or electrical appliances stores that they may present as a gift to their customers when they purchase a device. It is possible to participate in seasonal markets and exhibitions that are held every period, especially exhibitions that focus on household crafts and their development.

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