Chrysler reveals the Halceion Motor Model model

yousef13 February 2024Last Update : 5 months ago
Chrysler reveals the Halceion Motor Model model

Chrysler” company revealed on Tuesday its direction to produce its electric cars in a new concept called “Halsion”, as car makers use model vehicles to measure customer interest or show the future trend of the brand.

“Chrysler” expects this group of vehicles to be launched in a quick sequence, after the “crossover” electric car next year.

“Vioile” added that the brand, which sold nearly 144,000 cars last year in the United States and Canada, “made a very good profit” in 2023, and said that these profits will help financing future vehicles inspired by the concept of “Halsion”.

The Halsion concept is an elegant sporting sport with a future appearance, designed to integrate emerging technologies such as self -driving and super charging capabilities, and it contains industrial materials instead of leather, and is 45% of its external surface.

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