Self education skills

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Self education skills

Self-learning means the ability to obtain information and knowledge without the need for the assistance of another person, in addition to knowing how to employ and benefit from it, as it is considered a means of additional learning and cannot replace basic education.

Self-learning is one of the best ways to acquire new skills from us, as it raises the performance of the student and employee as well as increases his efficiency in completing tasks, and accordingly there are many skills that help to benefit from self-learning and the skills gained from self-learning.

Basic skills for self-learning

Self-learning is essential at the present time, so it was necessary to encourage and support to benefit from it. Therefore, there is a set of skills or qualities that are useful in achieving the desired benefit, including:

Setting goals of self-learning

Because self-learning is a process that follows the learner’s curriculum itself, setting goals is a must to achieve the desired benefit from self-learning, as it sets the basic map for the method and purpose of learning, as well as preventing distraction during learning.

Evaluate learning resources

The sources through which information can be accessed in self-learning are varied, so the learner must evaluate the resources he uses and determine which ones are best in enriching his knowledge. reference when selected.

Know the basics about the field you want to learn

It is recommended to start by learning the basics about the area to be learned, especially if the area to be learned is new to the learner.

Employing the acquired knowledge

The benefit of self-learning can only be achieved by implementing or employing the knowledge that the learner acquires during his studies, by repeating it, repeating work with it, or even sharing what he has learned with other colleagues and teachers.

Time management skill

Perhaps the skill of time management is one of the most important skills necessary for self-learning, because this type of learning is not limited to time or place, the learner must determine the most appropriate time for him to learn.

Recording and follow-up skill

During the self-learning process, there will be many new information that must be recorded and follow the progress of its learning, so it is necessary to have the skill to record this information and progress in learning continuously.

Skills acquired from self-learning

Self-learning achieves many skills that enrich knowledge and enhance the capabilities of the learner. Examples of skills that can be achieved through self-learning include: learning technical skills and editing videos and photos. Learn the necessary skills for programming and its different languages. Learn the basic skills to master a specific game or program. Learn the skills necessary to create a blog and prepare appropriate content for a field.

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