Search for areas of freelancing

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Search for areas of freelancing

What the work is

Work is everything that a person does in terms of muscular or mental effort in exchange for a financial return, and in exchange for satisfying desires and meeting various life needs for goods, services, etc., which is the main driver for a person to obtain work and commit to it. Different works depend on the presence of the energy and ability necessary to accomplish them, as well as Work has positive results that are not limited to the individual only, but rather affect his entire society. A person performing his work with perfection has a significant impact on the building of his society. Work also produces active and effective individuals, and leads to sufficiency and not being dependent on anyone, providing the opportunity for independence for the individual, in addition to expanding horizons and thinking. And exploiting the enormous energies present in humans to do important things instead of wasting them in vain. It also guarantees self-realization and development and other benefits.


The fields of work that people practice in their lives are varied. There is engineering, medicine, carpentry, construction, and others, in which commitment to an official working day according to specific hours and a sum of money as a return in return for providing it is necessary. However, with the development of life and humanity, a new type of work has emerged that achieves achievements. The same, but under different conditions, and this type of work is called self-employment, which is work in which the owner is his own manager using a computer and delivering the work via the Internet, for example, so he controls the time, method and place of completing his work using the special tools available to him, and he is required to bear His business expenses, in addition to bearing responsibility for his profits and losses.

Areas of freelancing

The professions taken by people who choose the path of self-employment are varied. Examples include: people who work in the field of various professions such as contracting, laborers, carpenters, blacksmiths, and others. Sellers who have their own investment. Those working in fishing and agriculture. Those working in the field of translation and writing. Those working in the field of marketing and advertising. Engineering projects or electrical maps.

Benefits of freelancing

Freelancing has advantages and disadvantages, like all different types of work, such as: freedom from the restrictions of routine and monotony specific to the job. Great profit and financial return, especially if a person chooses a field in which he can be creative and excel, and is popular with the opposing party. Freedom of place and time to complete the work and then submit it.

Disadvantages of freelancing

Self-employment has disadvantages and disadvantages, including: not benefiting from some job-specific privileges such as insurance, official holidays, etc. Bearing operating and work costs, thus the person bears additional burdens that may burden him. Difficulty in organizing time.

Research on work behaviors and values

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