Methods of teaching Arabic letters to children

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Methods of teaching Arabic letters to children

Children are the future generation and they will develop and advance their societies when they grow up, so they must be taught and established in simple and easy ways that make them love education and offer to complete it, and one of the most important educational materials that must be focused on is the Arabic language, which includes a set of letters, words, rules, grammar and morphology .

The letters in the Arabic language are the first thing a child learns, as it is considered one of the simplest things in the language, which is suitable for a child between the ages of four and seven years, and after that age, the most difficult stages in the Arabic language start from the formation of words, their expression, and others.

Tips before starting to teach the child Arabic letters

Dealing with the child with patience and calm, and this advice must be followed by both the parents and each of the teachers of the educational institution, as children differ in skill, mental ability, and absorption. Repetition, which is one of the important means that makes the child always remember the letters and does not forget them. The educational institution should make the first two weeks of the child’s school special for playing and having fun, and getting to know others, as this prepares him for learning quickly.

Ways to teach a child Arabic letters

Educational films for letters, which include a set of songs for each letter, and examples of it from the child’s life. This method has received a positive effect by the children, drawing in their minds the shape of the letter with its pronunciation as a result of childish melody. Pointing: The letter is drawn with adjacent dots, then the child is asked to connect between those points to identify the letter with him, and his name is mentioned in front of him more than once, and the process of punctuation for one letter must exceed twenty times, after which the child is asked to write the Arabic letter without points.

Educational dough: It is available in bright colors that make children happy and make them love to play with it. To use this method, the mother or the teacher holds the dough and forms it in the form of one of the Arabic letters that the child is required to memorize, and then the child is asked to do the same formation of the letter, and if the child finds it difficult to So at first he should hold his hands and help him. Holding the child’s hand: This method is more specific to the mother than the teacher. The mother has one child who needs to learn, and she has a lot of time for that.

As for the teacher, he has a large group of children who cannot do this way with every child, and the method is done by making the child hold the pen well and then The mother holds his hand, and writes the letter on the paper with her child, and the mother repeats this about five times, then asks her child to write it and read it alone.

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