Meteorologists warn of a rise in temperatures to 47 and 50 degrees in some areas

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Meteorologists warn of a rise in temperatures to 47 and 50 degrees in some areas

The National Center of Meteorology, “Meteorology” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, published, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, a warning to the residents of the Kingdom of the expected rise in temperatures from today, Thursday, until next Wednesday, in some areas in the Kingdom, reaching 47 – 50 degrees Celsius over the Eastern Province, and it ranges between 45-47 degrees Celsius over the eastern parts of the northern border regions of Qassim and Riyadh and extends to its southern parts.

Saudi Arabia weather forecast today

According to the Meteorological Center’s report on the weather forecast today, Thursday, the chance of thunderstorms is still prepared, from medium to heavy, which leads to the flow of valleys and torrents, and it will be accompanied by active winds that raise dust, dust and showers of hail in some regions of the Kingdom, including the areas of Najran, Al Baha. Asir, Jazan and the heights of the Makkah region, as well as the Madinah region, the effect of this atmosphere extends to the coastal parts.

While there is an opportunity for rainy thunder clouds accompanied by active winds that raise dust and dust in parts of the regions of Hail, Qassim, Riyadh and the southern parts of the regions of Tabuk and the Eastern Province (the Empty Quarter desert).

Expected temperatures today Thursday

According to meteorologists at the National Center of Meteorology in Saudi Arabia, temperatures for this day are expected to reach maximum and minimum, as shown in the following attached table:

Maximum and minimum temperatures in degrees Celsius and weather phenomena

The Great Minor City Expected Humidity The Most Important Weather Phenomena
Mecca 40 29 70 Thunder clouds
Medina 42 33 60 Thunder rain
Riyadh 43 32 50 Partly cloudy
Jeddah 37 30 90 Partly cloudy
Dammam 45 33 90 Partly cloudy
Abha 26 16 90 Thunder rain
Tabuk 42 29 50 Thunder clouds
Buraydah 44 33 50 Thunder clouds
Hail 42 30 50 Thunder clouds
Al Baha 26 17 90 Thunder rain
Juniper 45 33 40 Clear
Skaka 46 32 40 Partly cloudy
Jizan 34 27 70 Thunder rain
Najran 32 24 90 Thunder rain
Al Kharj 44 33 40 Partly cloudy
Al Majmaah 43 32 50 Partly cloudy
Wadi Al Dawasir 40 29 90 Thunder rain
Dawadmi 40 30 50 Thunder clouds

Sharurah 35 26 80 Thunderstorms
Turaif 43 26 40 Partly cloudy
Taif 32 24 70 Thunderstorms
Al Qunfudhah 35 28 85 Thunderstorms
Yanbu 37 29 90 Partly cloudy
Al Ula 43 32 50 Thunderstorms raining
Al-Ahsa 45 32 70 Partly cloudy
Hafr Al-Batin 47 35 50 Partly cloudy
Bisha 35 27 90 Thunder rain
Face 33 28 90 Partly cloudy
Rafha 47 33 40 Sahwe
Qurayyat 44 24 50 Partly cloudy

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