How to root Android without a computer in 2022

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How to root Android without a computer in 2022

Root, is a new programming process that takes place through specialized programs to change the original system of Android devices, that is, cracking links, and restrictions imposed by Android on some protected applications, or paid applications, that are not offered within the Play Store. The process of rooting may be useful in improving the features of Android devices such as: raising and improving the sound, supporting new interfaces for some applications, improving the speed of the wireless network, in addition to the ability to hack some games and applications to enjoy all their protected properties.

The disadvantages of root are multiple, including: it partially or completely disables the original system features for Android devices, so that it is difficult to make any device update, and upgrade it to any new versions of Android, and therefore the inability to see any repairs, or new updates for the system, if it happens.

And we tried to download any new version of the Android device with root, this will lead to system disruption, and it will be difficult to fix it later. There are many ways to download root on Android devices, and these methods differ according to the versions of each device, and its type, so here we will present how to download root on Android devices without the need for a computer.

Steps to root Android without a computer

We go to the settings, choose among the options the security option, and then put a mark next to the phrase Allow anonymous applications. We go to our browser, type in the search box kingo android root apk, then wait for a few seconds to see the results. We choose the first option presented among the results, and then click on the following program download link:

We wait for a few minutes until the program is downloaded, and then click on the “Install” option, and then click on the word Done. We enter the application, and in the main interface of the application we find an open lock icon and under it the phrase, No Root, and this confirms that the program checked the phone and made sure that there is no root on it.

At the bottom of the screen, we find in a blue bar the words One click Root, we click on it, and then the program automatically starts rooting the phone, so that it shows the process of installing the root gradually, until it completes all the steps, and finishes the root installation process.

We then wait for the phrase “Congratulations you have Root” to appear, so that the root has already been installed on the phone. We exit from the kingo root application, and go to the main list of applications, to find that another application called Super User root has been installed, which supports the characteristics of the original application, and facilitates the rooting of some applications installed on our phone, such as the Wi-Fi application, or some games.

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