AYANEO Air Plus with AMD Mendocino APU with RDNA2 Graphics, Price Lower than Steam Deck – VideoCardz.com

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ali mohamed28 May 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
AYANEO Air Plus with AMD Mendocino APU with RDNA2 Graphics, Price Lower than Steam Deck – VideoCardz.com

AYANEO Air Plus with AMD RDNA2 graphics for USD 289

AYANEO really surprised their fans today by introducing not one but three different consoles.

While AIR and AIR PRO are both interesting portable game consoles, the AIR PLUS is perhaps the most interesting of them all, mainly due to its price and its use of more advanced graphics.

AYANEO Air Plus with AMD Mendocino APU with RDNA2 Graphics - economystep

AYANEO Air Plus, Source: AYANEO

As we mentioned before, the AIR series is mainly based on the Ryzen 5000U series with Zen3 core microarchitecture and Vega graphics. Those are now considered obsolete and surpassed by the superior Ryzen 6000U series with RDNA2 architecture.

A worthy competitor to AYANEO and other portable gaming devices, Valve’s Steam Deck features a custom SoC with Zen2 architecture and RDNA2 graphics, which is considered a major step forward from Vega.

On Computex earlier this week, AMD announced a new silicon codenamed Mendocino. This processor for low-cost lightweight mobile devices has identical architectures to Steam Deck’s Van Gogh APU. However, AMD confirmed that these are not the same chips. AYANEO today confirmed that their new AIR PLUS console will be the first to receive Mendocino APU, which is expected to ship in the fourth quarter.

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AYANEO Air Plus, Source: AYANEO

In addition to confirming that AIR PLUS is a 6-inch 1080p console with support for the standard M.2 2280 SSD, AYANEO has yet to provide the full specs of their new budget RDNA2 console. It is certainly too early for a direct comparison with Steam Deck, after all, we are still missing the memory and storage specifications. However, there is no denying that both are based on the Zen2/RDNA2 chip and yet Air Plus costs USD 289, so USD 60 cheaper than Deck.

The release date for Air Plus is unknown at this time. This console will be available exclusively to their community members at a special price of USD 199.

Source: AYANEO, Liliputing


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