How much does it cost to study in Russia?

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How much does it cost to study in Russia?

In 2003, Russia joined the Polynia project, which is defined as a university space for all countries of the European Union in order to standardize academic degrees and standards in line with the provisions of the Barcelona Treaty, which gives these universities and institutes the right to work within the countries of the Polynesia Union, so that the student obtains a scientific degree upon graduation It conforms to the national standard of the Russian higher education system, in addition to obtaining a document that allows him to apply for equivalency of his degree in all European countries, and any other country that has signed the Lisbon and Polynia agreements for higher education within the European Union, allowing the student to complete his education or work there, Russian university degrees are also recognized all over the world.

Study costs in Russia

Studying in Russia is an ideal choice in terms of quality of education and price. The non-Russian student receives basic education and obtains prestigious certificates at a very good price. The value of fees in Russia varies from university to university, but it is reasonable in all cases, so the cost remains lower than in other countries Europe or in most countries of the world, in addition to the fact that the quality of education in Russia is equivalent to the quality of education in the rest of Europe.

The cost of studying at a bachelor’s degree

The duration of the study period for a bachelor’s degree is four years, after which the student obtains a bachelor’s degree, and he can also continue his education by obtaining a higher diploma or a master’s degree. The value of the full-time study cost is equivalent to 240-260 thousand Russian rubles, which is equivalent to 3430 -3715 USD per year. In terms of tuition costs, the minimum is 1750 USD, and the maximum is 12,570 USD.

Master’s study cost

The study period in the master’s program extends for two years, and the master’s study stage is based on giving deep knowledge in the study. A person with a bachelor’s degree is entitled to join the master’s program after completing the study requirements, and the cost of studying in a full-time master’s program is equivalent to 260-280 One thousand Russian rubles, equivalent to 3715-4000 US dollars. In terms of studies, the minimum and maximum limits are:

The minimum is $2100 USD.
The upper limit is $6,570.

The cost of postgraduate study “PhD”

The study period in the postgraduate program extends for at least three years. Students who have a master’s degree can apply to the postgraduate program. The student is awarded the degree of candidate in science after defending his thesis in postgraduate studies. The cost of studying in the postgraduate program is equivalent to 280-300 thousand Russian rubles, which is equivalent to 4000 – 4285 US dollars. In terms of studies, the minimum is 1133 US dollars, and the maximum is 5900 US dollars.

Reasons to study in Russia

There are many reasons that encourage students to study in Russia, including the following:

Diversity of cultures in Russia.

The presence of many cities that are characterized by a large area and the beauty of their places; Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

It has a low tuition cost. There are various scholarships.

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