Apple warns of a serious security vulnerability in iPhone phones

yousef19 August 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Apple warns of a serious security vulnerability in iPhone phones

The American company warned Apple of a security vulnerability described as serious, and this vulnerability relates to iPhone and iPad phones, as well as Mac computers, as this vulnerability was discovered in the operating program, which leads to control of the company’s devices, and this vulnerability also affected modern iPhone phones and even the sixth version, and all devices iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation and subsequent generations in the same category.

A loophole in Apple devices

Apple said that this recently discovered vulnerability, in some of its devices, was discovered by a group of American programmers, and it is possible that a group of hackers took advantage of that vulnerability with some malicious software, so the company called on all users of its devices to update the operating system immediately.

The American company, Apple, also confirmed that the previous version of the operating system included an application that provided arbitrary code, allowing hackers to access and manipulate the devices and all the data on them.

In order to fix this vulnerability, Apple urged all its users to update their operating systems and download version 15.6.

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