How do I make my child memorize quickly

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How do I make my child memorize quickly

The individual abilities of children differ. Each child is distinguished in a field that differs from the rest of the children. Some of them are distinguished by a high ability to memorize or solve math or history problems.

This is due to the child’s mental ability. In the early stages of life, the child’s memorization ability is great, and the That the child memorize the songs and the surahs of the Noble Qur’an easily and with a simple help from the mother, and the ability to memorize is a talent that can be developed and developed.

The right age to start memorizing a child

We can start memorizing the child from the age of three years, and the child should not be hungry or feel full, and the best time is in the early morning or any time during the day. The appropriate time for memorization is due to the mother; Because she knows her child’s mood and psychological state, and the child’s memory is described as a mechanical memory, meaning that the child does not understand the literal meaning of speech, but rather memorizes the words as they are, so the memorization of children before the age of six depends on repetition word by word.

Factors for developing children’s memorization skills

The child’s ability to memorize develops with age, so mothers should help children develop this skill: the child’s ability to memorize improves when there are other children memorizing with him, and this helps encourage the child and keep him away from boredom. Child. Avoid intimidating the child or threatening to hit him if the child cannot memorize; Because this negatively affects the child, distracts his thoughts and reduces his focus and ability to memorize.

Strengthening the child with gifts for him if he accomplishes what is required of him, in addition to praise and praise, and it is preferable that this be a family day, and more prizes continue to save the child more. Memorizing the child while playing with him has the ability to increase the child’s ability to memorize and make the process of memorization fun in itself. Studies have proven that the child’s ability to memorize pictures and shapes is greater than memorizing pictures and abstract tasks such as numbers and letters. Balanced food in developing the child’s memorization skill Food Food that is important for the functioning of the brain, such as eggs, fish, and red meat that contain iron.

Telling picture stories to the child helps in developing his memorization and intelligence skills. Memory games and puzzles help in developing the child’s abilities and skills.

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