How do you live your life happily?

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How do you live your life happily?

The Economy website monitors how to live a happy life.

Take responsibility for one’s own actions

Some people accuse and blame others when they are exposed to a bad situation or a problem, and this actually does not solve the situation, and focusing on what should have been done does not change the outcome. Therefore, a person is advised to take responsibility for his actions by researching the current situation and trying to control the things that can be controlled and leaving any other things, along with making positive changes wherever possible, whether in work or personal life, and finally accepting the things that cannot be changed.

understand others

The psychological stress of many people is often caused by misunderstanding; Therefore, enhancing the ability to see a situation from another person’s perspective with impartiality reduces these pressures, increases the possibility of making new friends, and promotes more objective and abstract thinking; Therefore, it is advisable to listen carefully to others before judging them and to keep an open mind so that it accepts different opinions.

Thinking about the present

The mind often tends to think about future matters, which leads to a feeling of anxiety and fear, and in this case the individual should not follow the path of thinking and work to bring it back to the present, for example, when someone sits with his children or eats dinner with his family and notices that he started Thinking about other things away from what he is doing, in this case he has to recover the present by realizing what happened to him first, saying, for example, “I am here with the ones I love, but I do not focus with them at all,” and then redirecting full attention to what is really happening now It is noteworthy that to master this command you need to practice and do it several times regularly.

Arrange activities in order of priority

Planning for daily and weekly work contributes to organizing life and enhancing productivity, but this does not mean that a person walks on a strictly defined schedule; If something is planned and cannot be carried over to the next day or week, the arrangement of activities should include time for rest and enjoyment and another time for activities with family or children.

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