Good news for Saudi Arabia.. Archaeological discoveries in the Farasan Islands

yousef4 August 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Good news for Saudi Arabia.. Archaeological discoveries in the Farasan Islands

Today, Thursday, the Saudi Heritage Authority announced new discoveries in archaeological sites in the Farasan Islands, located about 40 kilometers from the city of Jazan.

This came against the background of the research and excavation work of a joint Saudi-French scientific team in cooperation with the University of Paris I, which resulted in the discovery of a number of architectural phenomena and artifacts dating back to the second and third centuries AD, as part of the efforts of the scientific body in the field of surveying and excavating heritage sites in the Kingdom. Its preservation and utilization as a cultural and economic resource.

The work of the scientific team revealed the presence of rare pieces, including a folded Roman shield made of copper alloy, and another of the type “Lorica squamata”, which is the most used in the Roman period from the first to the third century AD, and represents the most rare pieces that the team was able to find.

Archaeological discoveries
Archaeological discoveries

In addition to the discovery of an onyx inscription of a famous Roman figure in the history of the Eastern Roman Empire “Ginus”, in addition to finding the head of a small stone statue.

It is noteworthy that a Saudi-French team had conducted reconnaissance and exploratory trips on Farasan Island in 2005, which identified sites with archaeological significance; To begin survey work on the island in 2011.

Previous discoveries made during the period 2011-2020 led to many architectural and archaeological discoveries; Which indicated that these sites date back to approximately 1400 BC.

These works contributed to the sites of the “Farsan Islands” in achieving many archaeological discoveries, and showed sites of importance; To provide important illuminations about the civilized role of the historical ports in the south of the Kingdom and their role in controlling the Red Sea trade, and the ancient maritime commercial transport lines.

These archaeological discoveries confirm the cultural depth of the Farasan Islands, and the importance of the Kingdom and its strategic location as a center for various civilizations, as the Heritage Authority continues its unremitting efforts to manage the components of cultural heritage, protect and preserve cultural sites, and benefit from them in sustainable development, by working according to precise strategies. Extensive partnerships at the local and international levels.

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