Memory and concentration exercises

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Memory and concentration exercises

Memory is just like a muscle, if it is exercised, it is strong and effective, and if it is neglected, it weakens and loses its strength over time. Hence, we note that there is no strong memory and a weak one, but a trained and untrained memory, and there are many exercises that enhance focus and improve memory performance, We will mention it in this article.

Imagination exercise

Choose a quiet place free from clutter and people. Choose an appropriate time when no one will disturb you. Leave the lights on and open your eyes, then focus your eyes in one specific place, and imagine a topic with valuable goals and not a trivial topic; Imagine, for example, an important or historical figure doing something, such as Beethoven playing, or the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, praying and calling people for good, or sitting with his friends and giving a sermon, or imagine that you are on an interesting journey towards a forest, starting from its arrival and even walking through it. Facing hardships or enchanting landscapes. Repeat the exercise daily for three months.

color exercise

Choose one of the colors, for example, blue on the first day. Dedicate this day to noticing all the things around you that bear the color blue, look for the color in the living room, for example, the bathroom and the kitchen and in the foods you eat, and look regularly at the walls you pass by and at things such as chairs, tables, ceiling, floor, and even people. Focus your eyes well on the blue object. Relive in your solitude all the blue things you noticed during the day.

Write down on a sheet of paper before you sleep all the things you saw colored blue during the day, then write down their number. Repeat the process for all colors, so that you allocate one or three days to each color, and then give yourself a two-day break to complete after that.

letter exercise

Choose one column from any newspaper, then choose one of the letters to color it, let it be the letter Jim. Read the column at your usual speed, coloring the letter “j” in any word you find in blue. Read the column again slowly and with greater concentration, rereading the word more than once if necessary, then cross out the letter Jim that you encounter in this reading in red. Repeat the exercise only once a day, until the day you find nothing red. Rest two or three days after the final result, then go back to choosing a new column to color another letter.

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