Download the Saudi Electricity Bill 2022 Inquiry Application

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Download the Saudi Electricity Bill 2022 Inquiry Application

The Saudi Energy Company provides an application that works on all smart devices in order to inquire about the Saudi electricity bill. or iPhone.

Download the Saudi Electricity Bill Inquiry Application for Android devices

• The Saudi Electricity Company application is available for all Android devices.

The app is downloaded from the Google Play Store here.

• Through the Google Play Store, click on the download link.

Download the Saudi Electricity Company app for iPhone

• The Saudi Electricity Company also launched a category-specific application using an iPhone or iOS device.

• You can now enjoy all services through this application

• You can download the application directly from the App Store here.

How to create an account on the Kahraba app

To create a new account on the electricity bill application in Saudi Arabia, you must follow the following steps:

• Download the mobile application.

• Open your application and click the new registration icon.

• Click the registration icon.

• Click the personal icon and then see the instructions.

• Click the start icon.

• Select your nationality and select your ID type.

• Add your identification number in the provided field.

Please enter your date of birth and then click the Continue icon.

• Add incoming verification confirmation code.

• Please enter your email address and mobile phone number.

• Register a new password.

• Enter the visual verification code.

• Enter your e-mail address.

• Open the activation message and click the activation icon.

• Enter your login information.

• Make a note of the address.

• Click on the “Save” icon to complete the account creation.

Electricity bill inquiry application

The Saudi Electricity Company has launched an application to inquire about electricity bills. This application also provides many electronic services such as:

• The ability to register new subscribers.

• My Account service to identify accounts and start and stop services.

• Ownership transfer service.

• Account reporting service if it does not belong to the subscriber.

• Invoice request service.

• Installment offer service.

• Message center service.

• Booking request service.

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