Details of Control Kix Plus packages from Telecom Egypt

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Details of Control Kix Plus packages from Telecom Egypt

The Economy website is monitored Details of Control Kix Plus packages from Telecom Egypt.

Now with Kix Plus 1 minute to all networks equates to 1 Kix for the first time in Egypt.

Main BundleKix Plus 17Kix Plus 25Kix Plus 35Kix Plus 45Kix Plus 75
Social Units
(Up-to Double)
500 Kix
Up to 1,000 Kix
1,100 Kix
Up to 2,200 Kix
1,850 Kix
Up to 3,700 Kix
2,600 Kix
Up to 5,200 Kix
4,600 Kix
Up to 9,200 Kix
Subscription fees17 EGP25 EGP35 EGP45 EGP75 EGP
Subscription Code*666*17#*666*25#*666*35#*666*45#*666*75#

Get double your bundle offer for 3 months upon purchasing new line on any Control Kix Plus rate plan.

Control Kix Plus Details

3 Favorite Numbers

You can choose your favorite number (up to 3 numbers) and get charged as below;

  • 1 Kix = 2 minutes to your favorite number
  • Favorite numbers only includes WE mobile numbers.
  • You can choose your favorite number 1st time free of charge and can be changed once a month for 1 EGP.
WE Extra

You can increase your Kix and minutes anytime within the month

  • 60 Kix for EGP 3 valid for 10 days through *666*63#
  • 500 minutes for WE network mobile and landline for EGP 5 valid for 28 days through *666*05#
WE Share

Transfer Kix to any we control Kix number through *666*7#

  • Customer can transfer up to 50% from main bundle.
  • Receiving customer can receive up to 250 units per cycle.
  • The received transferred units expires with maximum 7 (should be configurable) days.
 Transfer Fees0.5 LE1 LE1.5 LE2 LE2.5 LE
WE Plus
  • You can partially renew the bundle for 7 days through the code *666*8# with the below details
Main BundleKix Plus 17Kix Plus 25Kix Plus 35Kix Plus 45Kix Plus 75
Validity7 Days
Partial Renewal fees (from Balance)4.25 EGP6.25 EGP8.75 EGP11.25 EGP18.75 EGP


Mega net, a charging unit for social media apps = 0.5 mega net.
**In case of using social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google Maps, Anghami, Sound Cloud), MB = 1 mega net and for the other websites MB = 2 mega net.
Bundle Validity: 28 days.
Main Bundle unused units will roll over to the next month in case of on time renewal.
carried over units should be consumed after current main bundle’s units
Missed call notification is provided to all customers within bundle.

Customers will enjoy part of the bundle resources to be used as calls to other operators with 1 Kix = 1 minute as following:

Main BundleKix Plus 17Kix Plus 25Kix Plus 35Kix Plus 45Kix Plus 75
Kix500 Kix1,100 Kix1,850 Kix2,600 Kix4,600 Kix
Units used to other operators (1Kix=1 min)5050150200350

Then, Prices inside bundle:

  • 1 Kix = 1 minute to We network (mobile or landline) or 1 MB.
  • 1 Kix = 2 minute to favorite number.
  • 1 Kix = 1 minute to any other network capped as per the above table then 1 unit to other network = 5 minutes.
  • 5 Kix = 1 SMS to all Networks.

Then, Prices outside bundle:

19 PT for every 1 minute or 1 SMS or 1 Megabyte.
EGP 1 for every 50 megabytes (automatically activates in case of sufficient balance) and if there is not enough balance, customer gets charged 19 PT per megabyte.

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