Developed Social Security 1443 Terms and Registration Steps

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The Economy website displays the terms of the developed Social Security 1443 and the registration steps.

The Ministry of Social Development, which is responsible for that guarantee, announced the conditions it set for entitlement to the guarantee pension, which is provided to all needy families in all governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The developed social security conditions set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to be entitled to the security pension provided by the Kingdom on a monthly basis.

The applicant must be a Saudi national, and he must be fully resident in the Kingdom.

The income of the family breadwinner should not be more than 1,100 Saudi riyals, and the income of any family member should not exceed 500 riyals.

The applicant should not have any property at high prices.

He must not be a resident of any of the shelters in the Kingdom.

Register for Social Security Developer

At first, it is necessary to go to the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After that, click on the Create a new account button.

All required data is written, most notably the citizen’s ID number.

After making sure that all the data has been written correctly, all the necessary documents are uploaded, and finally, the submit button is won.

It is also possible to file a complaint due to a lack of the amount of support, which is made in simple steps through the developed social security platform

The beneficiary enters the developed social security platform via the dedicated link. Then he clicks on the financial services icon and then chooses: “Submit a financial complaint”.

The pension is the monthly salary that is disbursed according to the new social security system

We collect the value of the monthly earned income for all family members.

Then we deduct 50% of the value obtained, and clean it up to the total government support (excluding support for support programs and people with disabilities).

Then we compare the calculated sum with the minimum pension.

The minimum pension is 1100 riyals for the breadwinner, and 550 riyals for each family member.

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