Details and features of the Golden Excellence account from Saudi Bank Albilad

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Details and features of the Golden Excellence account from Saudi Bank Albilad

The Economy website presents the details and features of the Golden Excellence account from Saudi Bank Albilad.

The Golden Excellence account from Bank Albilad comes with a unique set of features that are highly professionally designed to meet your banking needs. The account allows you to manage your money with privacy, ease and security.

The Gold Excellence Account from Bank Albilad also provides you with peace of mind while completing all your banking transactions through a wide network of branches throughout the Kingdom.

Before developing this account, we tried to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, and understand his banking needs and requirements; We made sure to consider these needs while developing the Tamayuz Gold Account.

The account provides a variety of discounts and offers when purchasing from stores and stores, in addition to enjoying sitting and relaxing in the latest airline lounges at airports around the world through the Albilad Platinum Credit Card.

Unique Benefits of the Gold Excellence Account

The following are the most important advantages and services that you will get through the Golden Excellence account from Bank Albilad:

Get the Bank Albilad Platinum Credit Card for free*
Obtaining a Mada Al Tamayuz Gold ATM card.
Exclusive discounts when buying from many stores and commercial establishments.
Special rates and discounts on buying and selling foreign currencies.
25% discount on trading commission “The discount applies to the broker’s percentage
50% discount on money transfer fees inside and outside Saudi Arabia (SWIFT transfers).
50% discount on safety deposit box fees.
50% discount on check book issuance
Take advantage of Albilad Rewards Program to get rewards, vouchers and cashback.

Your checking account will be upgraded to a Gold Excellence account once it complies with one of the following conditions and criteria:
Transfer your net monthly salary, provided that it is 15,000 riyals or more
Or: An initial deposit in the current account in the amount of 250,000 riyals, or in the Albilad account with monthly returns of 750,000 riyals or more
Or maintain an average balance in the current account of 100,000 riyals or 300,000 riyals for the Albilad account with monthly or more returns for the last 6 months

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