Conditions of Umrah on behalf of the deceased

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Conditions of Umrah on behalf of the deceased

Umrah is one of the rituals of God, and it is obligatory according to the Shafi’is and Hanbalis, and the Sunnah according to the Hanafis and the Malikis. An old man who cannot perform Hajj and Umrah or the pilgrimage. He said: Perform Hajj on behalf of your father and perform Umrah), as God Almighty and His Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, commanded it.

For the validity of Hajj or Umrah on behalf of the deceased, the jurists stipulated that the person who wants to perform Hajj or Umrah on behalf of others must have performed the Hajj of Islam or Umrah on his own behalf. To return and Umrah for others.

The ruling on deputizing for others in the Umrah Umrah on behalf of the deceased is the Umrah on behalf of others, and the general scholars have gone to the fact that delegation in Hajj and Umrah is permissible, and the details of that are as follows: On his behalf, because this Umrah is a proxy, and the proxy is not valid without an order.

The Maliki school said: Umrah is disliked on behalf of a person who cannot perform Umrah, and if it does take place, it is valid. The Shafi’i school of thought said: Umrah is permissible on behalf of the deceased, and the incapacitated person who does not hope for the removal of his disability or who is unable to establish the deceased. The Hanbali school of thought: It is not permissible to perform Umrah on behalf of others except with his permission, whether it is obligatory or voluntary.

Ruling on Umrah on behalf of the deceased From the above it is clear that Umrah on behalf of the dead is permissible, it is in the ruling of the disabled and both – the dead and the disabled – cannot perform Hajj, and permission is not required for the Umrah on behalf of the deceased.

The first evidence: (A man came to the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and said: O Messenger of God, my father is an old man who is not able to perform Hajj and Umrah, nor the pilgrim.

Rewarding the Umrah for the deceased

Umrah on behalf of the dead is one of the actions that is included in the representation, and the scholars have stated that the reward for these actions reaches the dead without dispute, such as supplication and seeking forgiveness for him, all of them – by God’s permission – reach the dead and benefit from it in his grave, and any kindness to God whose reward is made for the dead will benefit him – if he wills God-God knows best

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