Yumi Stynes ​​shares ‘vague’ note she found taped to her windshield

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ali mohamed10 June 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
Yumi Stynes ​​shares ‘vague’ note she found taped to her windshield

Australian TV presenter Yumi Stynes shared the “passive-aggressive” note she taped to her car’s windshield.

The 46-year-old, who shared a photo of the note on Instagramreturned to her car and found that a stranger had some stern words about her parking technique.

“Winning in Life Today,” Stynes caption the note, which was written on a small notepad.

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Yumi Stynes ​​pay attention to parking
Yumi Stynes ​​found the note taped to her windshield. (Instagram)

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The note read: “Even if I tried very, very hard, I don’t know if I could park as selfishly as you.”

“Please be considerate of others when you park,” it ended, with a question mark at the end.

As it turned out, Stymes didn’t have too much trouble finding the note. She admitted to being an “enthusiastic notewriter” herself, but was alarmed by the lack of information.

“As an avid notewriter, I was thrilled to find this *STICKY TAPED* on my windshield this morning, but I’m having thoughts,” she wrote.

“Ummmm… tell me how I can improve it? As boss feedback it’s too vague. Selfish how? Selfish why? Liked the bloom at the end.”

Stynes ​​closed her Instagram post with a plea, “More aggressive next time, less passive please. Thanks.”

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After sharing it online, several of Stynes’ followers agreed the note was too vague.

Some stated that the media personality likely took up two spots when she parked her car, while others asked for a photo of the offending vehicle.

“I’m a notewriter! This needs more feedback, I bet you took up 2 spaces. The rage!” former reality star Laura Byrne wrote.

“I like a little feedback,” said another. “Please share a photo of the offending parking lot so we can assist with a critical evaluation.”

One added: “The first paragraph? Redundant.”

Yumi Stynes
Stynes ​​said she wanted more feedback on her parking. (Instagram)

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Stynes’ experience comes after another woman was confronted with a similar, but much more brutal, scenario.

A woman in the UK shared a photo of an embarrassing note which she found on her car in the supermarket.

The message read: “Fat people should drive thin cars and be more polite. I hope you have an accident.”

The woman posted a photo of the note and addressed the driver behind the letter in the caption: “Shame on you for making such derogatory comments about another person, you have to be a very sad and bad person to wish that someone have an accident. Glad I don’t know you.”

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