Continuing progress in the merits of educational jobs.. Required conditions and specializations

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Continuing progress in the merits of educational jobs.. Required conditions and specializations

The next day, the Education Department continued to receive applications for employment for the “trainee teacher” position, starting from yesterday and ending on Sunday and ending on the following Sunday, corresponding to August 7, and the results are scheduled to be announced on Saturday, August 13, 2022, and the application will be submitted through the electronic Jadara system on the path platform. affiliated to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Steps to apply through the Jadara system

1- Log in to the Jadara platform. (over here)

2- Enter your ID number, date of birth and verification code to log in.

3- Choose the phrase I want to apply for meritorious jobs.

4- Data entry.

5- Defining the job.

6- Read the terms.

7- Enter the data and attach the required documents.

8- Register the request.

Application conditions

Applicants must have at least a university degree (Bachelor) in the field of expertise.
Equivalency of a university degree granted by a university outside the Kingdom, issued by the Ministry of Education.
Satisfying the professional standards and conditions required to practice the teaching profession.
Applicability of the terms and conditions of assuming the educational position to the applicant.

The aim of the competition

This step aims to increase the contribution to achieving the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Education through effective investment in the talents of the education sector.

In addition to keeping pace with continuous improvement and refining the outcomes of learning skills and knowledge and meeting the functional needs of the work done in the education sector development projects to provide competency plans for new disciplinary needs in development studies, and a specialized secondary track of knowledge. next school year.

In order to achieve more national goals to develop and maximize the efficiency of the education system and its outputs for the benefit of male and female students, and to build a bright future for them and the state.

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