Beautiful and short phrases for WhatsApp

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Beautiful and short phrases for WhatsApp


WhatsApp is considered one of the most important social media tools spread in our modern era.

People began exchanging congratulations and blessings on all private and public occasions using it.

During this article, we will mention some beautiful phrases for WhatsApp.

Beautiful and short religious phrases

In your name, O God, let us embark on new paths, so grant us goodness in them. Oh God, I entrust all my destinies to You, so beautify them. Praise be to you, my Lord, many times over for the blessings you have quenched upon us. God will send light from the seventh heaven to illuminate your darkness. Glory be to Him who sees you leaning and tests you to straighten up.
Then, if the heart goes to God sincerely, it reaches. Oh God, have mercy on us if we are short of breath. Whoever tastes God’s love will be satisfied. O Lord, we have prayers that live in the heart, so fulfill them.
Whoever moisturizes his heart with the remembrance of God will not tire of the dryness of life. Remember God to be in good.
Your forgiveness is from me, my God, and the sin came from me, and my belief in you is beautiful… improve my opinion, my Lord. My Lord, make me among those whom You looked at and had mercy on, and among those who called upon You and you answered. The hardship of obedience is gone, but its reward remains, and the pleasure of disobedience is gone, but its punishment remains.
Lord, give me joy that will never fade away. If distress comes suddenly, erase it with the remembrance of God. Oh God, make this world my last concern.
Oh God, purify me of all my sins, then take me to You and make me among those who have no fear and no sorrow.
Oh God, if conditions are narrow one day, expand them with your mercy, O Lord, I entrust you with my prayers.
There is not a single soul who hesitates, thank God, but is smiling.
Your forgiveness is my God, and the sin came from me.

Beautiful and short phrases for friendship

My Lord, preserve their friendship for me, for their presence is a blessing, their absence is a grief, and their separation is a curse, and I love them in you.
How beautiful life is if there is a loved one who remembers, a heart that is affected, and a sincere person who does not change.
It is not fair, my friend, for us to laugh together and cry alone. Some friends are brothers whose names have different endings.
Friends are like summer breezes. You may not see them, but you definitely feel their presence around you.
You have a brother whom your mother did not give birth to. Friendship is blood that runs through your veins, not your blood.
Friendship is a word written in gold that only the sincere can read. Friendship is like health, you don’t know its value unless you lose it. My friend…I am yours when the world weighs heavily on your shoulders.
My friends, oh Shatha, a fragrant fragrance, and oh light, in the glory of the darkness of the night, I always find it glowing. Friends are a homeland. If they are absent, we feel alienated.
You are in my heart, my friend, even if our paths separate. Friends are like roses, they are all beautiful despite their different colors and scents.
you love him?? I said while there was little love for him, this is my brother to me if all human beings were inclined to do what they are inclined to do.
There is nothing more beautiful than a friend mixed with the flavor of a brother.
You are my friends who I want to laugh with after my teeth fall out.
Your friendship is like oud and amber.

The longer it is exposed to the fire of circumstances, the more fragrant and sweeter its fragrance.

Beautiful and short phrases about love and longing

I only need you…and you are everything.
The only happiness in life is to love and find someone who loves you sincerely. There is no pain more severe than loving silently.
Happy people have smiling lips, and lovers have their hearts beating.
Love is the color of life that cannot be glorified without it.
In love, hearts play the most beautiful rhythm that only lovers can hear.
I don’t say I forget people’s eyes for your sake, but I say I forget all people for your eyes.
I wish it would meet whomever the soul longs for, I wish it would meet him in the blink of an eye. When the breeze of longing blows, I only remember your eyes.
We do not love perfect people, but we see perfection in those we love.
Life is moments, but some moments are life.
Every action has a reaction, except for you. There is no warning and no alternative for you. Don’t cry for the one you forgot and forgot about you, cry for the one you forgot and wished for you. Who lives in the soul, how can the heart forget him?! I love you beyond measure.
In my heart lies a person whose soul is overflowing with love.

Beautiful and short phrases of optimism

If the earth is narrow in wishes, the sky of my Lord is wider for it.
Life taught me to smile when others were waiting for me to cry.
Make sure…if sadness stands in your way once, joy will stand in your way many times.
How can the next one not be more beautiful when it is in the hands of God? O heart, there is ease after hardship, and we will taste the sweet after the bitter, so be patient, for there is no reward after patience.
The most beautiful thing in existence is the smile that makes its way through tears.
The smile is the language that you do not need to translate. A smile is the passport to hearts.
Optimism is the only candle that defeats the darkness of the unknown future.
Anyone who cannot smile should not open a store. A smile costs nothing, but brings back a lot of good.
Do not accumulate your sorrows, for they may explode at the wrong time.
The smile of hope is stronger than all obstacles.
There is a pleasure in optimism that only those who delegate their affairs to God and put their trust in Him will taste. Hope…a candle that never goes out. This storm will pass.
Do not lose hope, my heart, for miracles live in secret.
Be optimistic about what you want to be.

Beautiful and short sad phrases

The world has become merely a search for interests, at the expense of human hearts and feelings. O God, have mercy on those who reside in graves and are separated from families and homes, for You are the Mighty, the Forgiving.
The worst types of pain are felt in three times: The departure of loved ones, the hatred of relatives, and the disappointment of friends.
Everything can be hidden except the features of the eyes, when they are yearning, when they are in pain, and when they are lost. Wounded, and the one who taught me to walk taught me to fall, and the one who bought me gold sold me to the wind. Come on, time, read my feeling. I am hurt, and the one who hurt me is my dearest person. We were lovers who conquered the circumstances of the days, and today our circumstances are seeking to conquer us.
Wounds are nothing but gifts from people with very bad taste.
In order not to die twice, do not return to those who let you down. I am everything to myself.
Don’t be quick to get attached, as most of them are fleeting. This is how life is…neither expected beginnings nor desired endings.
What’s worse than neglect is the triviality of excuses. If forgetfulness could be sold, it would be more precious than gold.
Beautiful and short wisdom: Do not seek to correct anyone’s opinion of you. Your Creator looks at your heart and that is enough for you.
Reproach is better than hatred. As we get older, we tend to act more like we should than we want.
Don’t be a shadow of others, be creative and be you. Do not try to recalculate yesterday and what you lost, for when life leaves its leaves, it will not come back again. Life taught me to respect human minds, but not to trust them.
They cannot concentrate on their actions, and to me they are now blind.
Sophistication is how you treat people according to your morals, not theirs. They hate you very much and monitor you carefully.
Your silence in the face of the abuser is wisdom. Whoever does not feel your silence will not understand your speech. Every stem will be watered by what was watered.
Forgiveness is the finest kind of forgetting. Learn to ignore…not everything that is said deserves a response.

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