How to make software for iPhone in 2022

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How to make software for iPhone in 2022

The following are the steps for making a software for the user’s iPhone using a computer:

Make software for iPhone on computer

Open iTunes on the user’s computer.

Use the iPhone connection to connect it to a computer that has iTunes.

Follow the instructions that appear on the iPhone screen, in order to verify the connection of the iPhone to the computer, and this may require entering the passcode of the device.

Choose the user’s iPhone, which appears in iTunes.

Go to the summary section. Click on the Restore option. Clicking again on the Restore option, to format the user’s iPhone.

Make software for iPhone through settings

Here are the steps to make a software for the user’s iPhone through the settings menu in the device:

Open the Settings menu. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu, then tap General. Choose the Reset option.

Click on Erase All Content and Settings. Enter the iPhone Passcode, if requested.

Confirm the user’s desire to create a software for his iPhone, by clicking on the Erase option.

Wait until the software is working for the device, and this usually takes from one to two minutes, then a reboot of the device is done.

Take iPhone Backup to Computer

Here are the steps to take a backup of your iPhone using a computer

Open iTunes on the computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Click on Trust This Computer, then enter the Passcode.

Click on the user’s iPhone icon on the iTunes screen.

Determining the method of taking the backup, you can choose the iCloud option, or choose This computer.

Click on the Back Up Now option.

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