Advantages of Samba MasterCard Platinum Credit Cards from Samba Bank Dubai

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Advantages of Samba MasterCard Platinum Credit Cards from Samba Bank Dubai

The Economy website lists the advantages of Samba MasterCard Platinum Credit Cards from Samba Bank Dubai.

The bank said on its website: Make your money travel extra miles with the benefit of cashback when you travel and pay with the Samba Platinum credit card, starting from booking flights to spending money outside the country at duty free or in your country.

Samba MasterCard Platinum Credit Card Benefits

Movie Tickets Platinum Cashback – Get 50% cashback on movie tickets anywhere in the world, anytime and directly online too.

Duty Free – 10% cashback at all duty free shops around the world, really, It’s shopping fun for family and friends.

Flight tickets – Enjoy great savings with airfare tickets up to 5% cashback on all travel ticket purchases anywhere, whether through travel agencies, websites, travel agencies and online travel agency websites.

Purchases outside the country – the pleasure of leisure trips is now available with great benefits through cashback of up to 3% on all your spending outside the UAE from entertainment expenses to entertainment to meals and shopping, hotels, etc.

Purchases within the country – from jewelry to furniture to Brands and the latest appliances, you can now get 1% cashback on your spends in the UAE.

Additional Benefits

Experience the joy of sharing with free Supplementary Cards for your near and dear ones. You can apply for 4 FREE Supplementary Credit Cards on your Samba Credit Card.

Shop now and pay later with Samba’s convenient installment plan that lets you spread your repayments over 6 to 36 months at attractive interest rates.

This facility is available on purchases over AED 500.

Get a draft issued over the phone with the Dial-A-Draft feature on your Samba Credit Card to pay for services where credit card payments are not accepted.

Simply call SambaPhone banking and ask for a Dial-a-Draft.

We will send you a draft in the name of the company or establishment you wish to pay.

Dial-A-Draft FormSamba Transaction Alerts gives you instant SMS alerts on all your transactions. More Details.

Salaried Employees – Monthly income of at least AED 15,000

Self employed individuals – Average monthly credit turnover of at least AED 50,000

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