WhatsApp takes an unprecedented creative step and launches its fastest version

yousef19 August 2022Last Update : 2 years ago
WhatsApp takes an unprecedented creative step and launches its fastest version

The WhatsApp instant messaging application has taken a new creative step, as the parent company Meta has released an original WhatsApp application, in order to work on Windows computers, and this new version is characterized by speed and reliability, and this new version is not significantly different from the version that It’s working now, but it’s faster and works better than before.

WhatsApp launches a new desktop application

And the Whats App page on the Microsoft Store published a link to download the new version, with a full explanation of the steps required to download and work on it, and the new version was updated to work independently on Windows, and this was a basic requirement for more than 2 billion users of the application around the world.

WhatsApp Plus

Whats App will also launch a special application to work on macOS systems, and this application is still under development now, and it is being tested in a closed, and will be approved soon, and technical sites have confirmed that the Whats App desktop application works much faster compared to the current version.

The new desktop version will need to link the account to a smart phone number, and once the linking process is completed, the user will be able to receive, send messages and make calls without the need for a basic phone connection to the Internet, and the new application can now be downloaded from Microsoft.

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