Ways to teach children letters

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Ways to teach children letters

The process of educating children since their second year is one of the most difficult stages, as it is the stage that establishes the child’s educational future, as he may learn and love science and become attached to it and become passionate about learning and increasing knowledge and reaching the highest ranks in science, and the opposite may happen with him by hating and alienating science while he What destroys his educational future, and all these matters fall on the shoulders of the parents from the beginning.

Parents should stay away from comparing their child’s level of learning with other children of his age, and try to make him feel the difference. This method is not the constructive method, but on the contrary, it may cause a negative reaction in the child, such as making him hate his peers or hate studying, every child has mental abilities. They differ from others, and the child’s self-confidence must be developed to facilitate the task of receiving information.

Ways to teach children letters

The first steps of teaching the child the letters is to speak with him in a sound language and with clear letters since the first year of his life and to continue with him on the same approach and to stay away from pronouncing the letters in other than the correct dialect in order to pamper the child because from the beginning he will establish in his mind the pronunciation of the letters that he heard from the beginning from his parents, and try Reading stories and books in front of the child and to his ears, even if he cannot understand what is around him and what it means what has been read to him, but he stores some letters and words.

Using the play method in teaching the child the letters and avoiding teaching them in order, but focusing on the easy words that he can understand and pronounce, and teaching him how to structure letters to form the word. Using pictures that contain letters and the shapes that indicate them, the child associates the pronunciation of what he saw on the picture with the letter on it, and trying to encourage him to bring out similar letters from among a group of letters and pictures. The pronunciation of letters according to the pronunciation and not according to what is found in the classical Arabic language, for example, we pronounce the letter (a) according to its position in the words and not a thousand. Use the method of constructing words through game cubes to form words. Use the singing technique to chant the letters constantly to the child’s ears and help him chant it with the song.

Games that encourage the child to learn the letters

Print the letters on the back of papers in the shape of a fish, then ask the child to catch a fish and find out the letter that is printed on its back. Print the letters in a clear and large font on cards and then ask the child to extract the similar letters. Draw the letters on the floor in a wide area and then encourage the child to stand over the letter you pronounced to him.

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